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What do I need to install landscape lighting myself?

You'll need a few things before you get started, including a low voltage transformer, a variety of light fixtures, #12-2 direct burial wire, & some wire nuts.

What is a low voltage transformer?

The transformer is the heart of the system; Low voltage transformers are devices that reduce a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. Low voltage transformers are those that operate at 30 volts or lower. Low voltage landscape lighting primarily uses 12-15 volts.

Are your low voltage landscape lighting transformers AC or DC?

Best Pro Lighting's transformers are all AC units, a volt meter on the AC setting should be used when testing the units for live power.

How do I know what transformer to buy & how many lights can you put on a low voltage transformer?

Transformer calculation & selection is easy -- simply add up the total wattage of the garden lights in your installation and choose your transformer based on the wattage needed, for example: 

(7 Fixtures) X's (20 Watt) = 140 watts needed to power your fixtures, so it's best ot use a 300 Watt since a 150W transformer will not give you enough buffer. By code, transformers should be derated to 80% of their maximum wattage rating, so your new landscape lighting system functions safely & stays properly lit for many years ahead.

How many fixtures or watts can I run per line run?

Your transformer should be set up for multiple runs, it is recommended to only run 75 to 80 watts max per run. The Best Pro Lighting 300-Watt Stainless Steel Transformer features a multitap, that's a common 12v, 13v, 14v, and 15v, isolating each run based on distance.

How do I connect a low voltage transformer outside safely?

Our transformers feature standard UL-listed cables and plugs, that simply plug into a normal outlet. All of our transformers are constructed to be weatherproof & built for various extreme climates. (For example, in a garage, shed, outbuilding, conservatory, porch, etc.)

What are wire nuts and do I really need them?

Wire nuts, in particular are filled with silicone gel to seal the connection and protect against ground moisture. Cable connection points are often the point of failure of outdoor lighting systems, so it's critical to ensure the connection is secure the first time.

What color are your bulbs?

Our bulbs are warm white 2700K.

Who makes the best landscape lighting?

For professional contractors and homeowners, Best Pro Lighting makes the best outdoor LED lights for gardens and landscaping. From directional lighting to path lighting and transformers, everybody knows that Best Pro Lighting is the place to go for high-quality LED lights for their outdoor surroundings.

What does LED an acronym for?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode.

How do LED lights work?

LED lights emit more vibrancy without the added heat of traditional light bulbs. They are also safer environmentally than CFL bulbs, which contain chemicals like mercury. LEDs function as semiconductors, meaning as an electrical charge (or electrons) goes through the LED, the light turns on.

Where can you buy Best Pro Lighting LEDs?

You can buy Best Pro Lighting LEDS at the Best Pro Lighting website.

Is Best Pro Lighting trustworthy?

Don't take our word for it, read the reviews from many customers over the years.

How long has Best Pro Lighting been in business?

Best Pro Lighting has been in business for more than 20 years. Learn more about us here today.

When does Best Pro Lighting ship after an order has been placed?

We offer immediate same-day shipping shortly after receiving and confirming your order.

Does Best Pro Lighting include light bulbs when buying lights?

All Best Pro Lighting fixtures come with a high-quality light bulbs.

Is there a warranty?

We have 5-year warranty coverage for directional lights, path lights, well lights, step deck lights, and accessories, while transformers are covered by a lifetime warranty. Learn more about our warranty coverage here today.

Where to find you online or social media?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz.

What does Best Pro Lighting look like/Do you have any photos showcasing your products?

You can learn more about how our products look on our website gallery here at Best Pro Lighting.

Why should I buy landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting provides these important benefits: Extra safety and security to your home, Highlights and accentuates your gardens, flowerbeds, & landscape features, Extends the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Why are your prices so cheap?

We offer direct wholesale prices to everyone, there is no minimum order requirement to take advantage of our low prices.

Are your products made of cheap materials like the other companies?

No, our products are constructed of contractor-grade cast Aluminum, Brass and Fiberglass material for durability, and longevity.

Can your products be used in any type of weather?

Yes, our products are constructed to be used in various weather climates without issue.

How do I power my landscape lighting fixtures?

You will need a low voltage landscape transformer to power your fixtures, (shop low voltage transformers)

Do your fixtures come with wire nuts or connectors?

Our fixtures do not come with wire nuts or connectors. However, we do offer wire nuts for purchase.

Do you need an electrician or landscaper to install these lights?

No, our fixtures are hassle-free and can be installed by anyone looking for a DIY project.

Do you offer technical support and troubleshooting?

Yes, we are here to assist you with your new or existing project 24/7 (contact us)

How do LED lights work?

LED lights emit more vibrancy without the added heat of traditional light bulbs. The fundamental design of LEDs means that they act as semiconductors, which allows an electrical charge (or electrons) to go through the bulb, turning on the light.

What is the difference between LED & halogen bulbs?

LED lighting has a much higher bulb-life rate--from 30,000 to 50,000 hours--when compared to halogen lights--averaging about 1400 to 2000 hours. The energy usage of LEDs also requires significantly less energy than a halogen to product the same or higher quality of illumination. In terms of heat, LEDs produce very little and do not add to an environment's temperature like their halogen counterparts. Also, because of this they are a safer light alternative and have a lower chance of starting an accidental fire.

Can I use both LED or halogen bulbs in Best Pro Lighting fixtures?

Yes, our fixtures are interchangeable, allowing you to use both LED and halogen bulbs.

What type of wire should I use for my project?

We recommend using #12-2 direct burial cords.

How to Connect Low Voltage Wires using Wire Nuts?

Wire nuts are an excellent choice for bonding when you need to connect two intact cables. Ensure the cable isn't connected to electrical power sources to avoid working with live wires. You can start by stripping away about ¾” of insulation (using a wire stripping tool). (maybe add link for wire strippers)

When grouping wires together, be sure that you are matching wires by likeliness. One side of the wire will display printed white writing, or may be stamped with writing. The other side will be blank. It is primitive that your low voltage wires correlate this way throughout your installation.

(Pro Tip) The side of the wire with the writing will be smooth, the side without writing will display ridges and grooves.

Use wire nuts by taking two exposed cable ends and placing the wires inside. it is not necessary to pre-twist; the connection should be established with the twisting of the wire nut itself. Wire nuts can and will be formed once the wires are secured inside.

Use wire nuts by taking two exposed cable ends and placing the wires inside. it is necessary to pre-twist; the connection. With the twisting of the wire nut itself. Wire nuts can and will be formed once the wires are secured inside.

(Pro Tip) Make sure you don't push the wires in too deep to avoid ruining the connection by bunching the wires in the enclosed space. However, you still want to ensure the wire nut covers the exposed end.

Twist wire nut until snug or you feel a slight resistance.

Connectors can be re-used if necessary if they are not compromised structurally.

Where to buy Low voltage Landscape lighting?

Best Pro Lighting offers affordable, quality Low voltage landscape lighting fixtures. 

Our store offers the best in landscape lighting at affordable prices, we are a trusted leader with an incredible selection of pagoda lights to illuminate your garden, flowerbeds paths, decks, steps, and landscape areas.