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The Many Outdoor Uses of Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are used in commercial landscapes, but they have also become widely popular on residential properties. They provide a functional illumination, are aesthetically pleasing, and also add a level of security to any area.

Bollard lights enclose their illumination in a vertical post mounted into the ground. They have a nautical style and often span one to three feet in height. They are strong, durable lights and constructed of aluminum, or materials such as brass or other aesthetically pleasing materials. The lamp is never exposed to the outdoors since it is enclosed in the top part of the fixture.

Bollard lights are often called post lights because they resemble the shape of a post. You will find bollards in landscapes where areas need to be sectioned off. This is especially helpful in commercial locations where lighting is paramount to following safety rules.

Your Residential Landscape

Though bollard lighting is typically found in business landscapes, many homeowners are finding uses for them in their own backyards. They add another level of style and creativity to any yard and create boundaries for entertainment areas, cozy lounge spaces or any other outdoor space with a specific function. They are also helpful to line walkways or paths for safety and increased visibility at night.

Consider adding bollard lights to the entrance of your home or along the driveway. They are perfect whenever definition is needed such as along manicured edges or design lines. Bollards are best suited for landscapes where there are large amounts of space. If your yard is on the smaller side, install mini bollards so as not to overpower your landscape.

Bollard lighting can be either decorative or functional. Purchase many varieties from solar to LED and traditional as well. Solar is a good choice for the homeowner who is hesitant about difficult installation. These efficient lights gain their energy from the daytime sun and save homeowners money on energy costs.

LED bollard lights are also cost-effective because they last a long time and they emit a good amount of light for such a small bulb. They are durable and do not produce the same amount of heat one would expect from an incandescent bulb. Because of their durability and their immense cost savings, commercial properties often use LED lights in their bollard lighting fixtures.

Commercial Uses

You will notice bollard lights near paths, walkways and along sidewalks leading to a business entrance. They also function well in parking lots or to illuminate entryways so motorists and pedestrians can feel safe entering a property. In addition, companies add bollard lights to landscapes as an aesthetic feature to beautify a space or to light a sign or logo. They are widely used because of their durability and their ability to function well during inclement weather.

Whether for outside your business or to add style to your residential landscape, bollard lights are a great choice. Try them out and discover their beauty and function and how they can transform the look of your landscape.