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  • LED Low Voltage Landscape Light 3 Tier Pagoda - BPL302 - in Rust
  • LED Low Voltage Landscape Light 3 Tier Pagoda - BPL302 - in Rust
  • LED Low Voltage Landscape Light 3 Tier Pagoda - BPL302 - in Rust
  • LED Low Voltage Landscape Light 3 Tier Pagoda - BPL302 - in Rust

LED Low Voltage Landscape Light 3 Tier Pagoda - BPL302 - in Rust

Model: LED-BPL302-RST 14 reviews $26.50

Our Rust 3-Tier Pagoda Landscape Light is an excellent pathway lighting that features a timeless design for walkways and driveways. This pagoda light from Best Pro Lighting has all the features you'll need to make your landscape stand out from the rest. If you're looking for long-lasting fixtures with premium-quality construction to add to your landscape project, our Rust 3-Tier LED Pagoda Light is sure to never disappoint!


Rust LED 3-Tier Pagoda Light Benefits:

You can incorporate this fixture in countless ways to enhance your landscape appearance and functionality. Here are some notable reasons why our customers can't get enough of Best Pro Lighting's LED 3-Tier Pagoda Lights:


Timeless Design - the advantage of incorporating timeless pieces like this Rust Pagoda Lighting is that the appeal of your landscape will be preserved for years. Timeless fixtures boast elegance and improve the overall scenery of your landscape garden with ease.


Premium Quality Construction - one of the most critical factors, especially for outdoor landscape lighting fixtures, is its built quality construction. This Rust Finished 3-Tier Pagoda Light is made with a heavy-duty cast aluminum base with powder coated finish. This means that the fixture can withstand outdoor conditions without deteriorating in its performance.


Cost Effective - this pagoda light is a low-voltage LED light, making it much more efficient for energy usage than other lighting fixtures. It's an excellent way to save yourself from high energy costs in the long run.


Long Lasting - this 3-tier pagoda light fixture is designed to last for years. It also includes a frosted glass lens for less glare and corrosion-resistant properties that preserve its timeless appearance.


Easy to install - this model already has a ground spike that will provide a solid foundation and improve your light fixture's stability. They are also very easy to install, so you no longer have to read lengthy manuals, keeping things straightforward.


Ideal spots for this Rust LED 3-Tier Pagoda Light

There are numerous ways in which you can use this to highlight scenery within your beautiful landscape. Here are some of our best recommendations for ideal spots to place them: Garden pathways, Planters, Driveways, Lawns, Walkways



Our Rust-Finish 3-Tier Pagoda Lights is a low-maintenance pathway light that is proven to stand the test of time. However, suppose you want to make the most of your pagoda garden lights. In that case, a few periodic cleaning and grease applications go a long way in keeping its aesthetic appearance and optimal performance.


Where to Buy LED 3-Tier Pagoda Light?

Best Pro Lighting carries a wide range of high-quality landscape lighting options, which includes this premium Rust-Finished LED Low Voltage 3-Tire Pagoda Light. This low voltage path light is ideally used for enhancing your pathways, planters, and driveway, the Pagoda Landscape Light also consists of a 6" tall pole, 3 watts LED bulb, and a ground stake.


  • Material: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum with powder coated finish
  • Finish: Rust
  • Glass: Frosted Glass
  • Bulbs: 3W LED JC Bi Pin G4 Base  2700K / 270 Lumens (will be placed in main shipping box) and a Free Halogen Bulb is prepacked with fixture: 12V JC Bi Pin 20W (Rated 50W Max) 
  • Wire Length: 14"
  • Ground Spike Included

Wire Nuts and Connectors are not included.

Periodic cleaning and grease applications are highly recommended.

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