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Social Distancing? Use the Time at Home to Work on Your Garden

 low voltage landscape lights

Since spring should be one of the most active times of the year, don’t let the imposed restrictions across the country stop you from using your pent-up energy for cleaning and prepping your garden. After all, it’s often hard to find the time to do a little pruning. So, since the start of your growing season has quarantined you to your property line, why not use the time you have to do your extra gardening chores? The best part is that you will be getting some fresh air while maintaining your distance from your peers. It’s a win-win for outdoor lovers. 

Address any hardscaping issues first 

Your backyard’s hardscape refers to the solid materials and structures within the environment. So, when you address hardscaping issues, it involves focusing your energy on areas such as damaged retaining walls, re-leveling of garden step stones, cleaning out your gutters, fixing fences, decks, sheds, trellises, window boxes, and raised beds, and even adding a fresh coat of paint, stain or sealant to your outdoor arrangements. By accommodating the needs of the following tasks, it will allow you to be better prepared for spring and in turn, have a thriving garden!

Test and feed your garden soil 

Soil is a major source of nutrients needed by plants for growth, so knowing which minerals and organic materials reside in your garden’s soil could make a difference in the type of vegetation that will grow in your outdoor space. For example, if your soil is high in phosphorus, you won’t need to add any fertilizers that contain it, or if you find out that the dirt in your beds is naturally high in alkaline, you will want to add an aluminum sulfate around plant species, such as evergreens and other acid-loving shrubs. So, how do you determine what type of soil your garden has? Well, you can pack up a soil sample and bring it into your local garden center where they will be able to point you in the right direction of the appropriate topsoil! Thus, it’s always best to use the early weeks of spring to get your garden in ship-shape. 

Decorate and secure your garden with some low voltage landscape lights 

There are a lot of perks of upgrading your low voltage landscape lights, however, the aesthetic appeal and added security are two factors that continue to draw homeowners to the likes of illumination. 

Adding some style to your garden space doesn’t need to be costly or complicated. For starters, LED garden lights come in a variety of alluring styles and can be easily placed within the shrubbery to highlight any greenery, water features or decorative structures. Another element that presents a sense of charm in a backyard space is path lighting. Low voltage landscape lights that align your walkways provide an illuminative experience for your guests and look wonderful when complemented by moonlight.

In terms of security, there are a few options that we recommend to homeowners. Installing directional lighting is cost-efficient in terms of the amount of vibrancy it provides from a single bulb, extending to the corners of your property, while step-deck lighting provides both you and your visitors with a hinted glow to show where the area’s parameters present an unsafe possibility. The best part is that although these options are better for security, they’re also built attractively to be admired as well! 

Which springtime garden routine are you most excited to do? Drop some examples we may have missed in the comments section below. 

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