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  • 3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC
  • 3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC
  • 3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC
  • 3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC

3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb 12V AC/DC

Model: 3WMR16LED 3 reviews $8.00

Use less power with this 3W MR16 LED Bulb. It's shock and vibration resistant, energy efficient and last for up to 50,000 hours emitting a wonderfully warm light across all your garden's features. Equal to a 25W Bulb, its colour temp is warm white at 2700K lumens. Read the 5-star reviews by some of our customers today to discover whether this outdoor-friendly low voltage light bulb is the right one for you. 

We carry the following MR 16 LED Bulbs:

  • 3 Watt LED 12V
  • Color Temp: Warm White (2700K)
  • Life Spam: 50,000 Hours
  • Base: GU5.3
  • Equals to 25W MR16 Bulb
  • 270 Lumens

Are you looking for a 3 Watt LED light? You will want to consider this amazing LED bulb that emits a beautiful warm white light that is equal to 270 lumens. Save on power output without sacrificing the light quality. The LEDs work well for lighting the perfect accents in your landscape or a pathway. To top it off, it is good for upto 50,000 hours (that's more than 5 years if you left the bulb on all day every day!) Never worry about your pets playing with the light either as this equal to 25watt bulb is shock resistant and vibration proof. 

Color temperature is important for getting the right mood that you want to set with your landscaping. If you're looking for a cooler light, consider a bulb that's 4000 lumens or over. For a warmer hue in your garden landscaping, you'll ideally have an LED light bulb that emits less than 3,000 lumens. You'll also want to measure out the beam spread across the garden to avoid having too many or too little LED light bulbs in your main landscaping areas.

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