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Outdoor Party Lights for Every Occasion

Is your landscape ready for a fun-filled outdoor party bash? Whether for a backyard wine-tasting event fit for royalty, or a simple birthday party, the outdoor lighting will set the mood and show your guests you mean business.

Outdoor party lights are not meant to function as security lighting. Homeowners make the mistake of using motion sensor lighting to light their parties. While this will provide ample illumination, it will not set the stage for a party atmosphere. In fact, the lights will turn on and off incessantly which can quickly transform a great party into a nuisance for guests.

If you really want to throw a bash the neighbors will talk about for years, consider investing in some of these outdoor party lights:

  • Garden lights are great for illuminating decks and patios which are normal gathering places for parties. Use low-voltage, LED, or solar to save on maintenance costs.
  • String lights are decorative and versatile and they make every night party look like it’s sparkling in the evening sky. Hang string lights from trees, branches or over the deck to create a bright, yet cozy outdoor atmosphere.
  • Patio lights are popular among party planners because they offer a decent amount of illumination. To light the patio, use those mentioned above or hang a light right outside the wall of your home to create a nicely lit entrance onto the patio.
  • Lanterns can be used for any outdoor occasion but they are especially valued by those homeowners who love the Japanese culture. To make your own paper lanterns, insert tea light candles inside open paper bags. Battery-powered candles are a safer choice.

If you have some money to purchase lighting, consider globe lanterns. They are also constructed of paper but much safer than those assembled at home. They come in various shapes and sizes and each casts a shadow on its surroundings. You will find varying paper designs which make the shadows more festive and fun. Opt for lace paper which is suitable for a calm party or rice paper for parties where a brighter light is desired.

Paper lanterns are very versatile. Hang them from trees or place them on patios and decks as main light sources. You can either add a little ambiance, or light entire decks depending on the type you purchase. They are also beautiful to look at and will add a decorative feature to your landscape.

Visit your local lighting store or research online to find your ideal lighting design. There are tons of creative ideas from which to choose. If your budget is low to non-existent, look for DIY lighting projects. If you have some money to spend, consider hiring a professional or consulting with an expert who knows how to execute your vision perfectly without sacrificing style or function.

Whatever outdoor lights you choose will add another level of sophistication to your party-hopping landscape. Start with a vision, do your research, and before long your yard will be ready for the party event of the century.