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Using Lanterns to Beautify Your Outdoor Landscape

Outdoor lanterns have become one of the most popular lighting fixtures for landscapes. Homeowners recognize the need to bring aesthetic style into every aspect of their yards and lanterns are the perfect marriage of function and design.

Outdoor lanterns can be added to virtually any part of the landscape, whether decks, patios, gardens or any other area. They add a layer of warmth and style that not many other fixtures can. For this reason homeowners use lanterns in areas where they need light as well as the appearance of a more polished and decorated look.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some popular lantern types:

Wall Lanterns – Wall lanterns sit higher than the ground and stay mounted on outdoor walls to provide enough light to illuminate the area while adding a depth of warmth that soothes guests. Wall lanterns are normally used to emit a good amount of light, whether a deck or a patio, and they add an additional layer of design and style.

Choose from a variety of materials such as ebony wood, mahogany, nickel or brass. Though all are durable and stylish, the choice will be dependent on the particular design you want and what will match the overall décor of your home. Unfinished metals can be painted in the color of your choice to add “pizzazz” and a little life to your yard.

When choosing lanterns, consider the inner design of your home since your outdoor landscape is an extension of your indoor life. When people visit and they enter over the threshold into your yard, you want them to feel a seamless connection, not a disjointed dynamic.

Post Lanterns – Post lanterns sit on posts or piers. They are secured under the ground as opposed to on a wall. Post mount lanterns are a versatile option since they can be affixed in most areas of the landscape. They sit on posts and add a beautiful scene to the outdoor yard. Pier mount lanterns work well on fences, decks or any surface. Hide the wires behind fences or along the deck rails to make them less conspicuous.

Post lanterns are very stable and created from a rust-resistant metal since they are often exposed to the elements. Choose from a variety of finishes, light bulbs, and glass options. Post lanterns are also a great choice for safety lighting because they remain intact during the harshest weather conditions.

Chinese Lanterns – Chinese lanterns are popular not only in Asian-inspired landscape designs, but also in the yards of homeowners who appreciate soft, elegant light. Chinese lanterns emit a gentle, subtle light perfect for the outdoor evening tea or late-night “snuggle” on the porch swing. They are generally constructed of paper or bamboo and add a beautiful touch to any outdoor landscape.

There are any more lanterns from which to choose. Research your options online or visit your local hardware or lighting store to talk to a knowledgeable professional. Also, since the lantern’s wires may need to be run through your home’s walls or buried under the ground, installation may require the work of a landscape lighting professional.