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  • Small Hat BPL303 In Black 12V Landscape Lighting
  • Small Hat BPL303 In Black 12V Landscape Lighting
  • Small Hat BPL303 In Black 12V Landscape Lighting

Small Hat BPL303 In Black 12V Landscape Lighting

Model: BPL303-BLK $14.99

If you're considering on setting up a new landscape lighting system or enhance an already existing one, Our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Landscape Light fixture is an excellent addition to any outdoor space for your home or business. 

What is a Small Hat Path Light?

This Best Pro Lighting Low Voltage Path Light fixture features a "hat-shaped" head with downward lighting, primarily used for walkways, accentuates pathways, planters, gardens, flowerbeds and small areas. These elegant 12v pathway fixtures feature a clear glass cover to protect the bulb from weather as well as pest. A 16-inch pole, 20-watt halogen bulb (Warm White 2700K), and Ground Spike are included.

Benefits of Small Hat Landscape Lighting

Are you wondering how a Small Hat Landscape light fixture can improve your walkway path and surrounding areas? There is an abundance of reasons why home and business owners use Small Hat Lights for the pathway.

  • Ideal for Highlighting Your Landscape Decorations

Aside from being a decoration in itself, the Best Pro Lighting Low Voltage Landscape Small Hat Light fixture is also excellent for highlighting certain focal points in your landscape that you genuinely want to showcase. Separate your landscape by adding personality and depth to your outdoor space by using our small hat lights for directional and path area lighting. Garden plants are beautiful and enjoyed during the daylight hours, they lose much of their attractive prowess as Dusk sets. With just a subtle hint of luminance from our Small Hat Light fixture, you can accentuate your garden and be able to enjoy your beautiful landscaping for extended hours into Dusk. 

  • Sleek and Versatile Design

Our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Pathway Lights are equipped with a sleek design, providing an aesthetic design appeal to your landscape, making it easier to install wherever you desire. Versatility and design are crucial for an outdoor landscape design. By selecting our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights will allow you to highlight your outdoor areas in a variety of different ways.

  • Security and Guidance at Night

Every homeowner knows that decoration is secondary to security and safety. Fortunately, you don't have to choose one over another when you're utilizing our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Pathway Lights. Our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights can do both simultaneously. These elegant lighting fixtures are excellent in boosting your curb appeal as well as providing safety and security to your home or business during the Dusk hours.

Recommendations on Placement

As mentioned above, Small Hat Path Lights are highly versatile, allowing you to place them wherever you may like. To give you an idea, here are some ideal spots where you can place them in your landscape:

Entrance - Your entrance is the main attraction and focal point of your home or business and would be great to enhance it with pathway lighting, to make a great impression for visitors and passing onlookers. 

Garden Pathways - Garden pathways are most prone to accidents, especially at night, as they tend to get slippery due to excess moisture. Incorporating our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights will help to provide safety and accentuate the beauty of your landscape.

Stairways - Another excellent spot our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights are your stairways. Aside from safely navigating through each step, it also adds a nice glow that boasts a luxurious aesthetic vibe to your whole outdoor scenery.

Pool Decks - Pool decks are a creative way to utilize our elegant Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights. By adding our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat Path Lights to your pool side will provide safety when navigating pool side especially at night pool parties. Our Best Pro Lighting Small Hat fixture provides a warm glow to give an earthy obeisance and mood. 

Say goodbye to dark and dull spots in your outdoor landscape by learning how to incorporate these pathway lights into a versatile and sleek landscape design.

  • Material: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum with powder coated finish
  • Finish: Black
  • Free Bulb Included: 12V JC Bi Pin 20W (20W Max)
  • Bulb is 2700K Warm White G4 Base
  • Ground Stake Included
  • Wire Length: 23" #18 Wire gauge 

Requires Wire Nuts or Quick connectors for installation - Not Included

Requires Low Voltage Transformer - Not Included

Spec Sheet Download

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