Mushroom Lights

What are mushroom lights? 


When it comes to illuminating your residential or commercial property, it’s important to find a type of outdoor light that will meet all the needs of your space. At night, most homes and businesses use light as a source of security, but it can also be used to uplift your ambiance and provide safety along paths and other walkways. Installed parallel to driveways, garden beds, and paths, mushroom lights are one of our most aesthetic and practical outside fixtures. And since they are a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike, outdoor mushroom lights have become a common integrated architectural solution to all lighting needs. 


Pathway mushroom lights, otherwise known as garden mushroom lights, are elegant outdoor light fixtures that consist of a sturdy 16” height pole (available finished in rust, black, or brass). Combined with a durable ground stake and a mushroom-like top, this lighting fixture is tenacious to withstand both high and low temperatures and extreme weather conditions. The best part is that the top provides shelter for the LED mushroom light bulb, while also working to direct the light source where it needs to be… on the ground. 


That being said, before deciding which type of landscaping mushroom lights to buy for your particular outdoor setting or project, consider the following factors:

  • Coverage: We sell both low voltage and LED mushroom lights so that our customers have the opportunity to choose which type of fixture best meets their needs. While the obvious difference is the price point, low voltage mushroom lights are most useful when trying to deliver light to right, difficult-to-access areas, whereas LED mushroom lights work better to provide brighter illumination to a larger area.  

  • Climate: While landscaping mushroom lights are durable enough to work well in any type of environment, it’s important to rely on customers' reviews to ensure that the product you’re selecting possesses a finishing that’s resistant to freezing rain and extreme temperatures. 

  • Power source: All electrical mushroom lights require a hard-wired outlet to generate illumination. When considering your outdoor lighting scheme, be sure that you place your pathway and garden mushroom lights near a suitable power source and consider hiding the wires underground for a more aesthetic look. 

  • Cost: Outdoor mushroom lights vary in costs depending on their finishing and whether they use LED technology or a simple low voltage. Don’t let the price tag scare you though! LED mushroom lights do cost more upfront but will outlast any other fixture you place around your residential or commercial spaces. 

  • Installation: Pick some mushroom lights that possess clear instructions and require little to no tools to install. This will ensure that you spend more time designing your outdoor space and less time trying to figure out how to operate your new fixtures. 


If you’re still unsure of which types of outdoor mushroom lights to order and require assistance or simply can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to direct shoppers to the best products to meet their lighting needs.

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