Introducing Ikea’s New Flatpack Garden

Swedish architects, Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm collaborated with Space10, Ikea’s innovation lab, on its new flatpack vertical garden, called ‘The Growroom,’ which will allow city dwellers to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food.

The DIY garden is spherical shaped and ideal for growing plants, herbs and vegetables and is designed to be low cost and affordable, encouraging people to grow their own local and healthy food, regardless of whether they have a garden to grow it.Read the rest

Are you mowing your lawn at the right time?

A picture of a grass field

If you’re an early riser and enjoy completing your chores early on a Saturday morning, you may want to hold off on the lawn mowing. We’ve outlined the best times of day to mow your lawn and why.

Early morning

Grass can be wet because of dew, causing your mower to get clogged up.Read the rest

Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side of the Fence

A lush green lawn surrounding your home not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it also provides a nice comfy place to lounge and play hooky on those lazy summer days. Combine this with the fact that a well-manicured lawn can potentially increase the value of your home, and you’ve got yourself a few great reasons to start working harder to grow a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.… Read the rest