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Why outdoor lighting should be a part of your homes exterior features

There are so many design elements that can enhance the exterior of your home — a fresh coat of paint, a beautiful patio loveseat and some unique hanging baskets — but none can compare to the stylized appeal of low voltage landscape lighting. That being said, a well-designed lighting plan should consider the placement and intensity, requiring luminance to be balanced and strategically arranged. So, since you’re hoping to learn more about outdoor lighting design, why not focus on ways to improve the quality and efficiency of your lighting by integrating multiple light sources? 

Decorative lighting

Just as you enjoy hanging artful abstractions and photo collages on the walls inside your home, you can take pleasure in placing outdoor lights on the exterior of your home as well. Since low voltage landscape lighting can give your residence embellished character, why not use it to highlight flower gardens, the architectural components of your yard and landscaping features? 

Small, low voltage landscape lighting work well along the edges and walkways by providing an illuminated glow to highlight key features. Whether it be your backyard, front yard or the wrap-around porch, path, area lights are the perfect way to offer versatile design.  

Another way to decorate the exterior of your home using prominent outdoor lighting is to install some directional, low voltage landscape lighting to showcase your garden or up light a feature in your yard. Simply position the fixture as a spotlight and beam it towards your focal area. 

Safety and security 

While darkness is your friend when you’re wanting to stargaze, it isn’t the best element when you’re navigating your way around your outdoor space. This is because when your walkways and stairs are unlit, it’s easy to stumble and injure yourself with the lack of visibility. So, why not use low voltage landscape lighting to light those shadows?

Path lights and step, deck lights are tremendous, illuminative features for those who’re looking to add some safety to their home. However, if you’re someone who’s more hell-bent on using your fixtures as a way to deter crime after dark, installing multiple floodlights wouldn’t be the worst idea. 

Gives you control of your outdoor surroundings

There are things, like the weather, that are beyond our control, but the lights that operate from dusk until dawn are something that can be structured and organized by you as a homeowner. 

Outdoor lighting upgrades come in many advantageous forms, but the important thing is that aside from accenting your striking home and garden, they’re also durable, economical and energy-efficient. 

Which low voltage landscape lights belong on the exterior of your home? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.