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Why Is Everyone Switching to Low Voltage Lighting?

Have you heard of Low Voltage Lighting? If not, you might be missing out. Landscapers and Home Enthusiasts have been raving all about Low Voltage Lighting and how it has improved their lighting systems. Before you switch up and hop on the trend, let’s discuss what low voltage lighting means and the advantages of switching to them.

What is Low Voltage Lighting?

Generally speaking, the standard voltage for the outlets at home, called line voltage, is usually 120v. However, Low Voltage Lighting typically requires way less than that, around 12-24v, which poses many advantages compared to the traditional lights.

One of the many reasons why Low Voltage Lighting is preferred by many when it comes to outdoor or even indoor lighting is its easy installation as it is less permanent than standard line voltage lighting. Most Low Voltage Lighting Fixture already has a built-in transformer to regulate the current supply and prevent malfunction.

Advantages of Switching to Low Voltage Lighting

Understanding the many advantages of switching to low voltage lighting, whether for outdoor or indoor use, allows you to gauge its worth. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get after switching to low-voltage lighting at your home.

Efficiently Use Energy.

What does it mean when you say energy efficiency? In layman’s terms, it produces the same lighting output while using the least possible amount of energy resource. Compared to your usual line voltage lights, low voltage lighting typically uses LED technology which emits the same, if not better, lighting without hurting your monthly electric bill.

Easy Installation.

With low-voltage lighting, you don’t have to be an experienced electrician to figure out how to install them. No more high voltage electric currents to worry about, and you can easily organize your lighting systems by yourself through the help of simple guides you can find online. 

Lighting Lasts Longer.

Lifespan is critical, especially if you’re trying to improve your landscape. You don’t spend a ton for something that will only last you for 1-2 years. The reason why Low Voltage Lighting attracts so many homeowners is the fact that it could last for almost 60 times longer compared to other alternative lighting systems. Worry less about regularly changing your bulbs as these Low Voltage Lights could last you for a lifetime.

Safer Alternative.

Using less power and less electricity involved also means less risk of harm from electrocution and other unwanted accidents. Since low-voltage lighting only requires 12v instead of 120v, it’s presumably a safer lighting option for indoor and outdoor use than other lighting systems.

Avoid Overheating.

Traditional lighting often has a bad wrap for overheating, such as incandescents. This is because most of the electricity is utilized to conduct heat which is then used to provide light. With Low Voltage Lighting, you’ll barely experience overheating the fixture even with long periods of use.

Preserves the Environment.

Aside from the personal benefits you’ll get from using low-voltage lighting. It is also conveniently helpful for the betterment of everyone around you. The overbearing situation of our environment makes it all the more important to prioritize energy conservation. By switching to low-voltage lighting systems, you’ll be able to contribute to energy preservation and help prevent the depletion of energy resources.

Variety of Choice

Since the rise of the low-voltage use, many lighting fixture options have come up for different applications. If you’re planning to enhance your landscape lighting, you would love to have the option of using path lighting, directional lighting, pond lighting, step-deck lighting, and more for a well-rounded landscape design.

Final Thoughts.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the many benefits of using low voltage lights, it should be clear why many people are switching to these lighting systems. Keep in mind that the type of your lighting fixture is as vital as the built quality of the source you’ll get it from.  


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