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Why are well lights such a popular outdoor fixture?

While many outdoor buildings should possess a proper plan of illumination, there are still homes and businesses that rely on daylight exposure to help people navigate the surrounding areas. This simply isn’t enough when safety and security are considered, which is why outdoor LED lighting has boosted in popularity in recent years. Although there’s a vast amount of light technology available, well lights are proving to be among the most popular, implementing what feels like natural light in an aesthetically pleasing manner. For those that want to learn more about these fixtures, including how they should be placed and where to buy them, continue to the article below.

What are well lights?

These fixtures belong to a larger group of outdoor LED lighting, which supports residential and commercial properties with an efficient, cost-effective light solution. Working as concealed fixtures, well lights are installed in the ground to provide an up-light effect that’s best used to highlight architectural features of a building or landscaping elements like trees, plants, and fountains. 

How should you place and install your well lights?

Any DIY home or business owner should learn all about the placement and installation of outdoor LED lighting, especially well lights:

  1. Rake back the mulch from the area where you want your lights to go. 
  2. Dig a hole for your fixtures. If you have one, use a post digger to make the hole because it will get to the bottom and come out cleaner. The hole should be at least 10 to 12 inches deep. 
  3. Feed the wires through the section of the PVC pipe—which can be purchased at any hardware store—and sit the body of the light inside. When this is in the ground, the light will sit flush and steady, and it’ll never get knocked out of position. 
  4. With the cable tucked inside the sleeve, place it in the hole. It’s important to make sure that the top sleeve is standing a good three inches above the soil. 
  5. When using well lights, try to mitigate water from around the light. We recommend using pea gravel to give the water a place to run off. 
  6. Connect the fixture to the lead wire that is inside the sleeve and tuck everything back inside. 
  7. With the fixture in place, spread the soil around the fixture and tamp it into place firmly. 
  8. Be sure to screw the fixture firmly to its assembly.

Where can you buy well lights online?

While there are numerous online sources for purchasing well light fixtures, Best Pro Lighting specializes in bringing contractor-quality lighting to residential and commercial properties. This means that you can trust your investment to go further in buying a lighting system that can withstand the elements and bring vibrancy to your outdoor spaces. 

Are you interested in learning more about well lighting? Drop a comment below to speak with one of our experts.