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Who knew LED lights could affect your health and wellness

While our brand specializes in providing business and homeowners with high-quality, durable outdoor lighting solutions, that doesn’t mean we can ignore the benefits that LED lighting has to offer our health. Sure, long-term savings and energy efficiency are great non-visual effects of LED lights, but the psychological impact that light has on our bodies is huge! So, while you’re buying LED lights online to improve the ambiance of your backyard environment, it’s worth reading about the positive relationship between light, health, and wellness! 

How does LED light benefit your skin? 

LED light therapy has existed since the 1990s and was originally used by the U.S. Navy SEALS to help heal wounds and regenerate damaged muscle tissues. However, since then, technology has allowed newer treatments to emerge and many people are now seeking this type of therapy as a method to reduce age spots, acne, wrinkles, and other damages to the skin. There are different frequencies and wavelengths that are used in LED light treatment, including infrared light, which is used to treat epidermis and reduce inflammation, and blue LED light therapy, which targets the oil glands located beneath your hair follicles. 

What other ways do LED lights boost health and wellness?

Aside from the popular skin treatments, LED light therapy also works great as a mood booster, especially for those who live in areas that are famous for cold and dark winters. LED light is said to stimulate your body cells and increase hormone production, such as dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain. 

“It really enhances people’s mood,” explains Dr Cody Hanish, founder and director of Combine Clinics Australia. 

“One of the biggest things [we see] is how stressed people are at home or work. You pop them under the light at the end of a season and they get up from the table and say they feel so much better.” 

While LED light therapy is still an experimental technology, here are some more health benefits that LED lighting can provide when natural light is not as readily available:

  • It balances our circadian rhythm: LED lights can mimic natural light which is one of the biggest reasons that businesses and homeowners buy LED lights online to increase productivity. 
  • Decreases the occurrence of headaches: Flickering fluorescent bulbs are known to cause headaches, but the good news is that LEDs are better on the eyes! 
  • Decreases stress and anxiety: LED lighting is known for providing indoor environments with a light source that has a positive effect on mental health. So, when you can’t get outdoors due to your busy schedule, you may notice the impact LED has on reducing stress and anxiety within the walls of your business or home. 


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How else have LED lights undoubtedly affected your health and wellness? Drop a comment below to add to this entry.