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Whimsical Garden Ornament Ideas for Landscaping

Landscaping your garden can be a fun project, but if you have any experience with it, you’ll know that you can run out of ideas faster than you can say “garden gnome!” Although these lively characters can be a wonderful idea on their own, there’s more to garden ornaments than gnomes.

If you are someone who loves whimsical gardening themes, check out these great ideas for dressing up your own garden with ornaments that are interesting and may turn your neighbors’ heads. They are rated from mildly bizarre to a little crazy, but they will liven up any garden, and make for an engaging conversation piece.

Stone Plants

This one will definitely get you the blue ribbon at the local garden contest. Massive stone recreations of colorful American Pitcher plants, brilliantly-hued giant Venus Flytraps and breathtaking Sundews are all terrific ideas for your garden. You can even label them creatively to add some whimsy. This theme is sure to keep your visitors in uncontrollable fits of laughter even before they get past the front door.

Cartoon Characters

If large carnivorous plants are not your taste, you could opt for a cartoon theme. A great big Homer Simpson is sure to garner laughs from everyone from the mailman to the milkman. Or how about some colorful Disney characters, or even a Wile E. Coyote with dynamite in his hands and a silly smirk on his face? Go wild with this theme and remember that the sky’s the limit. Or at least the limit is what your neighbors can handle…

Ornaments in Weird Positions

Another theme that’s thoroughly entertaining – if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with Disney characters – is animals or objects in funny positions. A dog half-sunk into the ground looking like he’s searching for a lost bone; a sunken Spanish ship with just the bow sticking out; a lawn-surfing penguin being pulled by a polar bear; practically anything your imagination can come up with can be crafted in stone or ceramic. Just make sure you avoid offensive garden ornaments your neighbors would detest. After all, your goal is to improve the look of your property, not spoil it or turn people off.

Dragons and Lions

This one is sure to keep the local dogs off your grass! These ornaments can be beautifully sculpted, with great detail work and features. Intersperse them with Chinese guardian lions to offer an authentic oriental feel.

Yes, adding whimsy to your garden can be bizarre and creative at the same time, but fun nonetheless. Add your own touch of creativity now that the juices are flowing in the right direction. At the very least you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood and, who knows, you might still get the blue ribbon for best landscape.