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Which signature fixtures are best for outdoor entertaining?

Have you ever heard the popular saying, “if you build it, they will come?” In terms of outdoor entertaining, this quote offers a strong connection. By creating backyard entertaining spaces that are warm and welcoming, your friends and family will want to hang out with you at your place all summer long. So, to ensure that you have ample lighting for your upcoming events, we recommend the following backyard lighting ideas that include the use of some of our signature fixtures. 

Backyard lighting idea #1: Directional lights to flood the surrounding areas

While the sun illuminates your backyard spaces by day, those social areas become much smaller at night with the lack of appropriate light fixtures. However, directional lights are used as a light source to flood large areas, which means a few of these installations are all you need to keep the party going. Directional lights can be attached to a solid structure, like the siding of your deck, pointed downwards or they can be staked into the ground pointing upwards. This allows the lighting to either spotlight or flood illumination in a direction that meets the needs of the surrounding area. So, instead of migrating inside when the sun goes down, flick on your directional lights and enjoy the beauty of your summer evening. 

Backyard lighting idea #2: Well or path-area lights to highlight walkways

Both well lights and path-area light fixtures are designed to brightly illuminate areas where you want to watch your footing. Providing a subtle, downward glow, these fixtures highlight the edge of walkways or elevated paths to ensure visual prominence at night. Not only does this prevent accidental injury but it ensures that your guests can navigate your outdoor surroundings without any worries. Plus, well and path lights are an alluring addition to an aesthetic backyard area!

Backyard lighting idea #3: Garden lights make great conversation pieces

Although safety, practicality, and functionalities are the biggest reasons that home and business owners install lighting, another reason to consider is the aesthetic aspect. Outdoor lights compliment the natural beauty of your surroundings at night and with the right lighting, you can highlight your deck, garden, or patio in style. Use any one of our garden lights to brighten up the areas where you sit, highlight a specific feature in the backyard, or simply outline the base of a tree, your fence line, and/or the trim surrounding your garden beds. Once those lights flick on and turn darkness into a glow, it’ll be impossible to avoid the conversation!

Backyard lighting idea #4: Step-deck lights for safety and vibrance

Aside from illuminating your stairs and deck edges, step-deck lights are an important safety addition to your backyard. Likely, your guests aren’t as familiar with your property as you are, so if you want to avoid a toe stub or a trip and fall, we recommend securing some step-deck lights as an added backyard safety feature. Once you see the areas illuminated at night, you’ll be happy that you took the proper precautions to ensure safe entertaining and you will also be pleasantly surprised with how vibrant these fixtures make your space.

Do you have any other backyard lighting ideas? Drop them in the comment section below to share with our readers.