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Which fixtures are guaranteed to enhance your garden spaces?

 low voltage landscape lighting

There are so many great ways to welcome the start of spring — listening to songbirds, enjoying more sunny hours in the day, and even taking advantage of the warmer temperatures by getting a head start on your garden. However, those looking to enhance the vibrance of their homes are often drawn towards the subtle touches that are offered by outdoor light fixtures. While low voltage landscape lighting allows you to show off your plants, it also draws the attention to the corners of your yard, brightening up the landscape and illuminating the alluring areas to create an inviting mood and a considerable amount of charm. So, before you become set on which type of lights you’ll need to install this spring, it’s always best to examine your objectives. 

Path lighting is essential

When you place low voltage landscape lights alongside your garden paths and walkways, you’re able to provide a welcoming atmosphere while also eliminating the potential pitfall of accidental injury.

Outdoor path lights gently guide your guests to your front porch, back patio or other social areas within your property lines. They also help you to avoid accidents, illuminating potential dips in the sidewalks and where stairways begin. So, because light defines space, you’ll be able to cast enough vibrance to project pools of illumination from the aesthetic flow that beams off from your path light fixtures. 

Decorative directional lighting

Whether you want to showcase an architectural element of your home’s facade or you’re looking to heighten the security of your walkways and entrances, directional lighting is one of the most practical choices for homeowners who’re looking to illuminate their regularly used areas, as well as the darkest parts of their property lines. Not only do directional lights give you the option to position and rotate the fixture to control the intensity of the light and shadow type, but they also point a strong light source that emits the illumination at a specific spot that can create an alluring display. You can start enjoying the beauty of your surroundings both day or night this spring! 

Upgrade to LED garden lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting provides a broader perspective of your outdoor space, while also allowing you to accentuate a botanical interest of your garden. Although most outdoor lights are manufactured for functionality, LED garden lights are the type of light source that provides definition and when placed intricately throughout your flower beds, an artistic design as well. These systems illuminate with low, subtle lighting, which exhibits a relaxing and calming effect to transform your backyard into an ornamental focal point. Use spring as an invitation to accentuate your garden and invest in some high-quality fixtures that are able to create the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of. 

As a gardener, you work to make your outdoor space beautiful. Which fixture do you think will maximize the amount of lighting you want?