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What to do with my landscape lights after a big snowstorm

Low-voltage landscape lighting makes those cold nights feel warmer by illuminating all the beauty your home and property offer. In most cases, however, winter brings freezing temperatures and snow accumulation, which can be detrimental to your lighting systems. That said, don’t worry. Here are three things to do after a snowstorm to keep your lights in top shape! 

Clear the lenses

Even the best Low-voltage landscape lighting is likely to get buried beneath snow drifts. However, unlike traditional halogen bulbs, LED lights don’t emit enough heat to melt the snow. This means that when heavy snow falls, you will need to remember to go out and clear the lenses of your fixtures to ensure that light can shine through. 

Clearing the lenses is easy. All you need to do is take a broom and brush the snow off. Be sure to also clear away debris or deposits on and around the fixtures to allow your low-voltage landscape lighting to shine its brightest. 

Check for exposed wires

Sometimes, when the ground freezes and thaws, buried wires can be pushed up toward the surface, exposing them to possible damage. If you happen to spot some exposed wires around your landscape, you will want to rebury them before the ground freezes again. 

Check for moisture

Like any type of electronic, low-voltage landscape lights are sensitive to water and moisture. Because lights can shift under heavy snowfall, it’s important that you check your fixtures often to ensure they can withstand the weather. The best way to protect your lights from the elements is to purchase high-quality fixtures that are designed to keep the moisture out and away from your bulb.

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