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What are some unique ways to light your backyard this winter?

In keeping with the theme of 2020, enjoying the time you spend at home is essential. Lucky for you, there are some additions that you can place around your landscape to help make it pop this wintertime. Aside from winterizing your lawn and garden before the snow sets in, have you considered adding some LED garden lights or other exterior lighting fixtures to your property? Continue reading for some unique backyard lighting options. 

Why is exterior lighting so important?

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or a recent buyer, there’s no arguing that exterior lighting plays a key role in your outdoor landscape. There are year-round benefits to having an additional light source placed throughout your property along fence lines, throughout garden beds, and wrapped around to the driveway and installing LED garden lights around the exterior of your home can help to improve its:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetic
  • Functionality 
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Property value

Also, aside from all of the above benefits, did you know that LED garden lights will allow you to save as much as 80% on your outdoor electricity usage? Since they use less heat than a traditional halogen bulb, they require significantly less energy to operate! 

What are some unique ways that you can illuminate your backyard this winter?

There are so many ways to brighten up your outdoor spaces, especially when you add snow to the picture! So, grab yourself a warm mug of something special and get online shopping for the best LED garden lights to watch from your windows. 

Some popular choices include:

The above lighting options will help to allow you to explore your creativity, illuminating your backyard while also selectively placing each fixture based on practicality and safety in mind. String lights along your fence, add some directional lighting to your gazebo structure or place a few in-ground lights along your walkways for an added effect. 

If you’re interested in ordering some exterior lighting for the surrounding areas of your property, have a look at our business page, and even send us an email with some images. We’re happy to take a closer look at the layout of your space, the features within it, and the budget you have set, to help you find the best LED garden lighting solution for you. 

Are you planning to illuminate your backyard this winter season? Drop a comment below if you have any pressing questions.