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Want your outdoor lights to withstand winter weather?

If you live in a climate where January is bathed by early-evening light, you know all too well the importance of having an outdoor lighting system, but what about the significance of selecting the right types of fixtures to withstand cooler weather? Add in exposure to elements like snow, bitter winds, and shrill temperatures, and see just how dependable your lights really are. Ensure that your outdoor lighting system is equipped for all seasons by shopping at for fixtures that promote safety and security and are built to last. 

While shopping with us guarantees that you will purchase high-quality fixtures that work well as winter lights, listed below are a few things you need to check for should you shop elsewhere.  

Do the lights work under extreme temperatures?

Not all outdoor lighting is created equally, which means that some may not be suited to be used as winter lights. Seasonally there’s bound to be a fluctuation of temperatures resulting in plummets below freezing, a rise mid-day, and back down at night. This freezing, thawing, and refreezing cycle can be very damaging to poorly manufactured outdoor lighting fixtures, resulting in constant movement and even breakages. Also, extremely low temperatures can affect the life of your bulbs, making them need replacing more often. 

Do the lights repel moisture? 

Winter snow, ice, sleet, and slush leave behind a lot of unwanted moisture that can cause issues for lighting and wiring that isn’t watertight. That said, it’s important to check the waterproofing of your supposed winter lights to ensure that any melting and/or moisture in the air won’t cause your outlets to trip. 

Are the lights durable?

Winter activities such as snow shoveling can inadvertently cause damage to your outdoor lights, especially if said lights are located at the edge of driveways or walkways. It’s also very easy to nic fixtures, bulbs, and wires that have become buried by snow. While it’s your responsibility to be mindful of this after a fresh snowfall, it’s also important to select durable winter lights these mistakes are less likely to happen. 

Best Pro Lighting fixtures are great winter lights because they’re not only dependable, vibrant, and eclectic, but they are also built with quality in mind to withstand fierce temperatures, moisture, and the occasional accident!

Is there anything else that you look for in a quality winter light? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.