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Tips to Creating a Successful Garden Lighting Design

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A beautifully landscaped garden without lighting is a garden that is lacking in appearance. You simply cannot appreciate a garden’s beauty without lighting it to enhance its magnificence.

Below are some tips to beautify your garden with some easy, yet functional techniques:

Double Duty

You can kill two birds with one stone with double-duty lighting. If you direct a spotlight toward one element in your garden, you can also light another element at the same time. If the light is strong enough, it can illuminate the flowers in front of it while emitting a glow on the beautiful tree in the back of it. Look for those golden opportunities in your garden to save money and time with your lighting.

Water Lighting

Garden ponds need to be lit just as much as any flower or greenery. You can install underwater lights to illuminate and cast a dim light from under the surface of the pond or you can shine a light directly on the water to cast elegant reflections on nearby foliage. Colored lighting is also a great option for water because the colors are very visible on the surface of the water.


If you are interested in more inconspicuous lighting, consider purchasing mock rock lights that conceal the lights within them. At night, you will see a warm glow emanating from the area and during the day you will not notice any lighting fixture among the rocks. You can also install lighting fixtures in between the rocks to make them appear as if they are a part of the landscape design. Use the rock colors for inspiration.


Think outside of the box with your lighting placement. For example, if you have a strong branch, hang a light from it. The height will bring the light up and offer an entirely different ambiance to your landscape. If you want to emphasize the size of your garden, arrange the lights around the perimeter. The boundary will showcase the vastness of the space, especially at night.


We are always a fan of highlighting special sections of the garden and spotlights are the best method to feature these distinctive elements. Do you have a water fountain? An elegant birdbath? A timeless sculpture? You should highlight whatever feature stands out to you. Angle the lights to illuminate each feature and control the intensity whether soft or hard, based on nearby elements and the overall look you are seeking.


The best way to create a garden lighting design that suits your taste is to experiment. Just because you did not get it perfect the first time, does not mean you cannot create the garden of your dreams the second time. Take what you learned and apply it to your design. If one element does not look right, don’t be afraid to change it. Garden lighting is very flexible and fixtures can be moved around with ease. Just make sure to hold off on fitting any wires in a permanent location until you are happy with the final outcome.


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