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Switch to LEDs to save money

path lighting surrounded by flowers and grass

Switching to energy-efficient lighting allows both home and business owners to get the same amount of light for less money. Since lighting accounts for around 15% of the average electricity bill, that’s some big annual savings! While it’s easy for us to turn off our lighting when the sun is out, outdoor lights are best enjoyed when the sun goes down, especially for nighttime entertaining. So, if you’re among the many who heavily rely on incandescent light bulbs, perhaps it’s time to opt for some LED garden lights to keep up with the times? Oh, did we mention they allow you to save money?  

What are LED garden lights? 

Also known as light-emitting diodes, LED garden lights are a special type of solid-state lighting that converts electricity into brighter, more energy-efficient lights. While LEDs have multiple illumination purposes, they’re rapidly developing in the residential and commercial world. Since LEDs use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than the average fixture, they’re the perfect type of light to stay on throughout the night year-round. 

How do they function?

Aside from the functions mentioned above, outdoor LED garden lights also equip home and business owners with an aesthetically pleasing addition to their outdoor surroundings. While a transformer is still needed to power these fixtures, their proficiency requires less energy, keeping the bulbs operating at a cooler temperature. 

Here are the top reasons why you should implement an LED lighting system into your home or business operations to start seeing some cost savings: 

  • LED garden lights offer the same benefits at a lower wattage than higher wattage incandescent lights
  • LED garden lights require less maintenance because of the wattage reduction
  • LED garden lights convert more energy into light, with only 5% going to heat—the exact opposite of an incandescent
  • LED garden lights don’t waste electricity through heat dissipation because the structure of the bulb better converts to light

If you’re ready to join the money savings club and have fun upgrading your outdoor spaces with warm, brilliant LED garden lighting, grab hold of our top-selling fixtures today and get geared up for summer!

Have you noticed huge savings since you made the switch? Please drop a comment below to encourage those who’re on the fence.