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Sustainable Gardening For Healthy Living

a picture of carrots
Image: DXT_91

The more we learn about the damage we are inflicting on Mother Earth, the more we want to change our everyday habits. You probably have switched to organic gardening practices, getting rid of chemical herbicides and pesticides, but how can you contribute to a healthier garden and cleaner living?

Here are some tips to help you navigate sustainable gardening and preserve, conserve and regenerate the environment:

  • Use native plants. They are adapted to the micro-climate in your area and often require less maintenance than exotic species.
  • Provide a habitat for wildlife and pollinators by planting native flowers.
  • Collecting rainwater in a barrel is a great way to utilize a renewable resource that nature provides.
  • Compost fruit and vegetable scraps, along with tree leaves to add nutrients to your soil and enrich its health while reducing waste.
  • Choose low voltage and energy-efficient LED bulbs for your landscaping lighting.
  • When building paths, fences or decks, look for recycled, reused or eco-friendly materials.
  • Get involved. Join local organizations, attend a sustainability talk, spread the word.

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