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Staying Safe With Your Holiday Landscape Lighting

It may be Spring but are you ready to climb up into the attic and dig around for those ‘ol holiday lights to decorate your home and yard for another festive season? It’s never too early to prepare for the holidays. The holidays are a time to impress the neighbors, look at your landscape with pride, and experience the happiness and joy that accompanies the holidays.

Do you adorn your landscape with lighting? Whether you desire to add a few twinkling lights, or you are the envy of the block, any lighting addition will help to brighten up your landscape and contribute to the holiday cheer.

But wait.  How old are those holiday lights?  And when was the last time you did a test to make sure the lights were working properly? It is important to check your lighting before using them.  Before conducting a test run, check for frayed or twisted cords and broken bulbs and make sure there is no moisture that might have accumulated inside the bulbs.

If you used the same holiday string of lights for a few years, it is a good idea to replace them. It may not be worth the risk.

First and foremost, when selecting new outdoor lighting, make sure they are weather resistant, and don’t plug too many lights into one extension cord.  A weather resistant electrical strip strategically placed away from the elements of Mother Nature would be a safer option.

Have you ever considered solar for your holiday lighting? This is not only a safer alternative, but it is also a more energy-efficient way to decorate your home with colorful lighting. Most solar lighting does not require any type of wiring making it a safer set up, and the use of long extension cords is obsolete for solar outdoor lighting.

Solar lights can be used in a broad range of climates, though the best usage occurs in warmer areas where the sun is out even in the winter months. The solar lights use batteries to store the solar energy and house a sensor that turns the lights on after dusk, so a timer is not necessary. For holiday solar lighting you can also opt for LED bulbs.  They traditionally last 10 times longer. Because of our energy-conscious society, solar lighting has become more and more popular, so your holiday decorating options are more plentiful and cost effective.

In addition to the traditional walk way solar lights, use strings of tree-light type lanterns. Be creative in your design concepts and make your home festive while being safe.

Whether you decide to use traditional lighting or solar lighting or a mixture of both for your decorations, be sure to prioritize safety and you’ll have peace of mind throughout the holiday season.