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Lighting the Way Around the Summer Pool

Aaaahhhh the pool. The lazy days of summer. The place where friends and family gather to enjoy a dip in a sparkling pool on a hot day.

But what about the evening?  The party has been a success! No one wants to leave, and sometimes a summer pool party will go way into the evening hours. What about the safety of its surroundings and your guests who have gathered around the pool?

Perhaps there is some lighting illuminating from a porch light. Maybe lights from the house filter illuminate outside, and a few citronella candles flicker, but the area around the pool may need more light for the protection and safety of your guests. It’s not uncommon for safety hazards to accompany late-night parties where guests are put in harm’s way because they cannot see their surroundings.

Solar Lighting

Normally, an underground pool will have some kind of underwater lighting, but in some cases, there may be no lighting in the actual pool or surrounding area. This can be a hazard. Solar lighting can be a huge asset to illuminating your pool area at night, and it is also energy-efficient.

Solar lamps have tiny panels that store energy from the sun, recharge during the day, and as the late afternoon turns to dusk, the solar light automatically turns on and continues to remain illuminated throughout the evening for 8 to 10 hours.

Garden solar lights are also decorative, and can be placed not only around the pool, but the deck, stairs and pathways to help light the surroundings. They come in a variety of designs and shapes and can even add to a theme of the party. Consider using solar light wherever a potential accident could occur such as in high-traffic areas.


In addition to using garden solar lighting, you may also consider the use of paper lanterns that can be hung around the area to give a festive atmosphere, while also providing protective lighting. Tea light candles are often used to light a paper lantern and battery-powered candles are available and are a safer choice.

Not only is garden solar lighting a safe alternative to lighting the area around your pool, but it can be used all over the landscape of your home. These decorative lamps act as inexpensive protection for your home, keeping secluded areas lit, while serving as a deterrent for thieves who look for dark places to perform their crimes. They are not only cost effective, but energy-efficient and there is no timer to worry about. The setting sun handles the timing for you.

Having family and friends over to your home for a pool party to celebrate various occasions can be a wonderful time. By taking the cost effective, energy-efficient steps to protect your guests during these events by using solar lighting, it will help to give you peace of mind and also add to the ambience of your outdoor festivities.