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Light up your pathways for the darker days ahead

Both residential and commercial landscape lighting has the power to turn your outdoor surroundings from boring and dark to bathed in illumination, but the undertaking of a lighting plan can be intimidating without the right resources to guide you. Our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring that new and returning customers receive the type of fixtures they’ve been looking for, which is why we update this blog every two weeks. That said, since path lights are a major topic of discussion transitioning from fall into winter, that’s our topic this go around!

What are path lights?

While path lighting can be used to create an ambient glow on the walkways surrounding your home or business, for safety reasons, it pays to install these fixtures to offer a better visual of obstructions at night. Not only do path lights look fantastic wedged against the parameters of footpaths, but they also can be used as a design element, with the choice to select LED mushroom lights, small hat lights, or stylish pagoda lights. The gentle glow exhibited by the fixtures stands out at a distance, but their primary purpose is for highlighting uneven paving such as steps and outlining walkways to keep guests from tripping. The best part is that these fixtures can also light up walking areas for security, making people feel safer and more aware of their visual surroundings.    

What considerations should you be mindful of before placing your online order?

Now that you know what path lights are used for, there are some important elements to consider when shopping around for your elegant fixtures.

    • Size: Whether there is limited soil around the edge of your hedges or a pre-existing structure overhead, when choosing your path lights, height is something to be mindful of. The average path light is roughly 14-inches tall, varying in width depending on the type you choose. However, many are adjustable and possess the ability to swivel in all directions. 
    • Scale: The purpose of lining a walkway with path lights is to ensure the illuminative glow reaches the path so that passersby can utilize the light as a visual aid. That said, the rule of thumb is to install your fixture no more than one foot away from the path’s edge. Be sure to take note of the diameter of the light around the fixture and space out your lights well to avoid overcrowding. 
    • Materials: Whether you love the look of LED mushroom lights or prefer the simplicity of small hat fixtures, rest assured that all Best Pro Lighting products are sturdy, durable, and made from materials that resist corrosion and wear. It’s important that path fixtures possess powder-coasted finishes, as they sit out exposed to all sorts of outdoor elements that will test their long-term resistance through the seasons. 

What are some other considerations on your mind when placing your bulk lighting order? Please drop them below for a prompt response.