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Landscape Lighting Issues and How to Fix Them

The Many Advantages of Using Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, want to add up your home security, or simply have a cozy spot for events and occasions, enhancing your landscape with outdoor lighting is one of the easiest things you can do to achieve all these things. Slight integrations of path lighting at your driveway or even some directional uplighting at the bottom of your trees could make such a massive difference in your outdoor space, especially at night time. 

Like most things, concerns and issues are inevitable over time, and outdoor lighting is no exception. Damaged fixtures, malfunctions, or even environmental concerns are part of maintaining your outdoor lighting. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most common outdoor lighting problems so you’ll be able to foresee them and know the best actions needed if you’re dealing with the same situation. 

Connectors Failing

Linking your lighting fixtures to secure them to the main power supply requires you to have connectors. A properly installed lighting system should keep your connectors free from environmental concerns that may cause damage, such as water, pests, and other exposure to wear and tear. These connectors are crucial in having a synchronized lighting system for your outdoor space, and if they start to give off some issues, it is best to take some actions immediately to prevent any further damage.

Letting an experienced electrician specializing in landscape lighting is the best way to go. These faulty wirings and connectors could be pretty tricky unless you’re willing to buy a new set that could cost you more. After fixing or replacing faulty connectors, it’s essential to keep them protected and take precautions to prevent the same issue, saving you some time and away from headaches.

Wildlife and Pesky Bugs

It’s hard to steer clear of natural causes such as dealing with wildlife and pesky bugs sabotaging your beautiful outdoor landscape. Chewing off exposed wires and damaging your lighting fixtures are only a few of the many problems that are caused by pests and wildlife in your outdoor space.

Pest Control is an excellent decision for maintaining your landscape and keeping them fresh day in and day out. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional exterminator to deal with pests and get them off your property.

Lightbulbs Burning Out

Even indoor light bulbs burn out. What more if you place them outside, right? Burning out light bulbs is one of the most common problems for homeowners in their outdoor landscape because of its exposure to extreme weather conditions or even old age. A simple solution is thoroughly replacing each bulb with a new one, but that doesn’t resolve the issue as it will most likely happen again.

We highly recommend you opt for LED Bulbs that are explicitly made for outdoor use. These bulbs are much more capable of handling outdoor conditions and better performance and will be able to serve you for an extended period instead of switching bulbs constantly. LEDs are also known for their energy efficiency without compromising on their luminance and performance, so you’ll be able to save a lot from electricity costs while enjoying an enhanced outdoor spot at nighttime.

Socket Corrosion

The deteriorating fixture is a common problem for outdoor landscapes mainly because of too much heat or cold exposure. Every bulb typically has a bulb socket and weatherproof seals, which are both vulnerable to getting damaged after using them outdoors. For small moisture build-up, you can still save it by replacing the seals of your fixture to prolong their lifespan. If the light socket is already corroded, it might be best to find a replacement.

Best Way to Prevent these Problems from Occurring 

As you all know, most of these problems commonly happen to landscapes over time, and it’s almost inevitable. However, having regular maintenance work or hiring professionals to assess your landscape situation if there’s an immediate action required lets you foresee the problems before they even occur and cause more damage.

Observing the best high-quality outdoor lighting out in the market is also an excellent way to save money from constantly replacing your broken fixtures. Landscape Lighting explicitly made for outdoor use would do a much better job adapting to weather conditions instead of buying a regular lighting fixture. If you’re looking for some recommendations, we highly recommend you check out our selections here at Best Pro Lighting today!