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Landscape Lighting Ideas For The BBQ Area

Time to fire up the grill for some delicious barbecue! Good outdoor lighting is a must for the outdoor chef or griller. It makes cooking out easier by providing the kind of focused task lighting you need to gauge cooking times. Appropriate outdoor lighting also ensures safety for every one. This way your party doesn’t have to end when the the sun goes down.

Which is why we did our best in finding out some of the best creative ways to enhance you landscape that will make you space ready for BBQ Parties! Below are few ideas and tips to help you brighten up your barbecue space for the summer.

Front of a beautiful house
Photo by Clay Construction Inc.

Step deck lights can provide the much needed safety around stairs in the evening light. Aside from it’s functionality, this will also showcase a luxurious vibe without trying too much.

Tropical Landscaping with lights

Our round step deck lights have a sleek clean look and provides a warm light spread that can be added to any area. Whether you put them under, or at the side of the table, it should be able to enhance your space in many ways. The versatility of step deck lights is very handy for achieving that barbeque space you’re trying to go for.

3013 NE 9th
Photo by Donna Wax, Architect

If you’re more into the technical design tips, uplighting technique achieved by pointing a few directional lights to the plants and trees around the barbecue area can extend that summer evening feel throughout the night. Get ready for that warm cozy vibe that will definitely make everyone rest easy and free from stress.

Classic Patio Renovation with chairs and BBQ
Photo by Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design

Strategic lighting at counter borders and ends provides a subtle elegant look. With a very simple lighting detail, you’ll be able to enhance your barbeque area ten folds without even trying!

Serene Backyard in Surrey with Fire Pit, Eating Area and Built in BBQ
Photo by AZURO Concepts Inc.

An outdoor kitchen for barbecuing is a practical and fashionable addition to your home that is created to improve your dining and socializing experiences. You may consider adding outdoor LED light to add to your outdoor kitchen. LED lights will properly shed light on your cooking tools like grills, smokers, and cooktops. Outdoor kitchens frequently have counters for food preparation, cabinets for storing supplies and tools, and seating areas for entertaining and dining.

outdoor kitchen bbqPhoto by Media Director

A well-crafted lighting design involves layering different types of lights to achieve balance. Begin with ambient lighting for your outdoor barbeque kitchen. Casting a soft glow over the entire space. Consider incorporating hidden LED strips under counters for a subtle radiance, guiding the way for midnight snack seekers.

midnight outdoor kitchenPhoto from

Play with shadows to create captivating patterns in your backyard barbeque kitchen. You can use Pagoda Lights to create eye-catching silhouettes and place decorative screens or trellises between the light source and the wall. This method gives your outdoor area a dash of artistic flair.

midnight barbeque party Photo from

Lastly, path area lighting can be used to highlight radial areas for steps, features and walkways. Aside from adding visual aesthetic to your whole outdoor landscape vibe, it also promotes safety and functionality for you and yours lovely guests.

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