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Is Your Outdoor Lighting Too Bright?

It’s important to remember that good neighbor etiquette doesn’t start and end with keeping the music to a low volume. Indeed, the bright landscape lights will also impact your relationship with your neighbors.

Of course, people want and need outdoor lighting. Still, the remedy can be done in many simple ways to avoid any conflict. In this blog, we will give out some tips on softening your outdoor lighting, things you can do to avoid too much brightness, and other related topics.

Easy Tips To Avoid Too Much Lighting Pollution

If you or a neighbor have noticed a glare coming from your outdoor lights, the problem may be that your lights are shining outward, rather than down, directly on what they are supposed to be illuminating.

Install unidirectional lighting with shielded fixtures or flush-mounting rather than unshielded floodlights. This helps soften the luminance coming from your outdoor lighting.

If your outdoor lighting is to illuminate objects, you can choose lights that are typically lower wattage (and therefore reduce energy consumption). As well as enhancing the visibility of the illuminated area, there is also a reduced glare.

How Bright Should Outdoor Lighting Be?

There is no better way to factor out whether your LED landscape lighting too bright or just fine than personally evaluating them at night. If you find it hard to keep your eyes open with too much glare at your landscape, it might be best to soften out and switch to lower voltage lights, as too much lighting might be counterproductive to the whole purpose of illuminating your landscape.

Low Voltage Path Lighting is an excellent recommendation that you could efficiently incorporate, wherein you won’t need much to make a difference. Along with many other lighting fixtures, understand that more doesn’t always mean better.


The great thing about smart lighting is that it’s directional. This means that it illuminates the intended area rather than lighting the sky. We may be unaware of this, but the number of outdoor lights may largely influence the natural light of the sky that we’re used to. The more people are aware of the glare of their outdoor lights, the more likely they can play a role in reducing light pollution.

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