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Increase the value of your home with these exterior design tips

It’s no secret that the 2021 housing market has been red-hot in many areas across North America, and while the staging inside of the property is essential, prospective sellers should consider the exterior design of their homes as well. Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your property in the immediate future, you should start budgeting for some exterior upgrades that have the potential to add some luxuries you may also enjoy. After all, first impressions are made based on the outdoor spaces and the following design tips possess the ability to increase both the resale and lifestyle value of your home. 

#1 LED garden lights

It’s easy to convince homeowners to install residential lighting because LED garden lights possess a range of uses for their outdoor spaces. One of the greatest benefits of LED garden lights is that they work well as an astounding exterior design item, aesthetically illuminating the surrounding area while also contributing to the safety, security, and functionality of the space. While most homeowners are drawn to LED garden lights because they look out for the elegant vibrance they provide at night, many also utilize the well-lit areas to entertain themselves and their guests when the sun goes down. Needless to say, well-illuminated walkways, garden beds, steps, decks, patios, and driveways are incredibly appealing for those looking to increase the value of their home and sell in a booming market. Not only do these instill a sense of luxury, but they also provide that homey feel that prospective buyers like to see during an evening hour viewing. So, whether you want to upgrade your LED garden lights\ for yourself or a sale, their outdoor vibrance is enticing to all! 

#2 Patio in the backyard

If the pandemic has taught us anything over the past year it’s the importance of spending more time in our safe outdoor areas. So, if your property has backyard space, we would recommend investing in a patio to increase the value of your home. Outdoor entertainment spaces are all the hype these days and with the weather warming up as we approach mid-spring, it’s something that you will get ample use out of into the summer months. Creating a backyard patio can range in price depending on if you want something simple like pea pebbles or something more permanent that’s constructed using concrete, bricks, or wood. Overall, this investment will boost both the visual appeal of your backyard and the resale value of your home.   

#3 New roof and gutters

While damage and general aging are the top reasons that homeowners replace a roof, they are not the only ones. You can also replace a roof if you’re hoping to increase the value of your home. This is especially important for those who are looking to sell, and while you’re investing in this large, outdoor project, you may also replace your gutters. After all, a rusty gutter ruins the functionality of the entire drainage system and would look awful alongside an upgraded roof. Naturally, a new roof and gutter investment will help to increase the aesthetics and improve the home’s visuals. 

What other exterior design tips do you have on your to-do list in the coming months? Drop some below for our other readers.