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How to weatherproof outdoor lighting

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or an ambitious contractor, outdoor lighting helps to transform the ambiance of any outdoor space, making these areas more inhibiting and functional. However, exposure to the elements can take a toll on your fixtures and their performance. Weatherproofing your outdoor lighting is crucial to ensure they withstand unpredictable weather and continue to illuminate all spaces effectively. This guide will help you to properly waterproof your chosen fixtures to prolong their lifespan.

Shop for fixtures that are weatherproof

Weatherproof fixtures, like waterproof LED lights, are resistant to the effects of bad weather. As part of your plan to weatherproof your outdoor lighting, the easiest way is to select outside lights that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Look for fixtures made of durable, weather-resistant materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic that can withstand rain, snow, and UV exposure.

Seal electrical connections

Even waterproof LED lights can be susceptible to water if the electrical connections are not properly sealed to prevent moisture and water from entering the fixtures. Be sure to also use waterproof electrical connectors and silicone sealant to ensure a tight seal around connections.

Install gaskets and O-rings

Many outdoor lighting fixtures come with gaskets or O-rings that create a waterproof seal between different parts of the fixture. Ensure that these gaskets are in good condition and replace them if needed to maintain a watertight seal.

Elevate fixtures

Install outdoor lighting fixtures in a way that prevents water from pooling inside them. We recommend mounting them at a slight angle or use fixture stands to allow water to drain away, reducing the risk of corrosion and damage.

Apply protective coatings

Use protective coatings like clear sealants or spray-on waterproof coatings designed for outdoor use. Apply these coatings to the surface of the fixtures to add an extra layer of protection against moisture and UV exposure.

Regular maintenance

By performing regular maintenance on your outdoor lighting fixtures, you can address any issues to prevent further damage. While you’re checking for signs of wear and damage, be sure to also clean them.

Invest in quality bulbs

Choose high-quality, weather-resistant light bulbs designed for outdoor use. Waterproof LED lights are designed for outdoor use and since they take LED bulbs, you’re investing in something that’s more energy-efficient but also can withstand various weather conditions.

By taking these steps to weatherproof your outdoor lighting, you can enhance their durability and ensure they continue to illuminate your outdoor spaces effectively all year long.

Does it rain a lot where you live? Drop a comment below if you have more weatherproofing tips.