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How to use outdoor lighting to enhance your garden designs this winter

While many of us tend to hide away when winter temperatures and weather conditions hit full force, we do have the ability to create a cozy outside area. Depending on where you live, the great outdoors is likely the only area on your property where your friends and family can safely visit with you. So, instead of feeling limited or isolated from daytime only interactions, consider highlighting your backyard, front yard, and porch to better enjoy the aesthetics, regardless of whether you’re appreciating their vibrance from inside or outside. 

Highlight certain areas of your outdoor space 

While it’s easy to enjoy your garden, gazebo, and patio spaces during daylight hours when the weather is ideal, you shouldn’t limit your happiness to such a short time-frame! Since darkness can fall as early as 4 p.m. in January, it’s beneficial to have a variety of LED garden lights that can be used to highlight the decorative elements of your backyard so that you’re able to better enjoy its vibrance through the window in the warm comfort of your home. 

Directional lights are the perfect fixture for highlighting foliage, sculptures, and architecture. Simply use the provided ground stake to position the light on the ground and then rotate the beam of illumination in the direction of your focal point. Directional lights also have a framework that allows them to be mounted to the siding of structures or even up in the branches of a tree. If you want your water features to match the ambiance of the rest of your yard, you can also order some well lights!   

Illuminate walkways and steps 

Did you know that some of the same lighting sources that are recommended to promote safety within your outdoor spaces can also enhance the appearance of your garden when they are used the right way? Not only are path-area lights great fixtures to line your outside walkways, but they also beautifully highlight the edges of your flower beds and planters and can be used around the surrounding diameter of any large tree trunks. Low voltage led step lights also have a dual-purpose — bringing attention to hazards and aesthetically lining the edging of your stairs and deck parameters. So, while you’re keeping busy giving your spaces some added lighting, consider how you will get around safely from one area to the next! 

LED vibrance versus traditional incandescent 

Once you’ve selected the type of lights that will accent the areas around your home, before placing your order, consider why LED garden lights may be the better choice. LED garden lights are far brighter than any incandescent lights because they possess a high lumen/watt score (a unit used to measure the total quantity of visible light emitted from the bulb). This means that aside from having the highest-quality fixtures, you can also have the brightest, most energy-efficient, and longest-lasting ones as well, making your initial investment a worthwhile one when the savings stack up down the road. After all, who wants to go out into those chilly, wintry conditions to change a cheap, dull bulb?

How else do you plan to enhance your outdoor design using lighting this winter? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.