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How to Landscape Around a Deck

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You just installed that great new deck you have been dreaming about for the better part of five years. You decide to set up your grill, add some sweet outdoor furniture, and even throw in a couple of Tiki torches for good measure.

Still – your yard leaves something to be desired. The area around your deck is painfully bare, and the spare “grassless” patches make your new backyard addition look shabby-chic at best. Fear not! Take a few simple steps to update your landscaping and get your yard looking as spiffy as your new deck.

Planters and Container Gardens

If your deck is the sprawling, “outdoor living space” variety, then it likely takes up a good portion of your yard. For decks such as this, one landscaping option is to incorporate the plant life into the deck itself. A great way to accomplish this is to start a container garden. Visit your local nursery and pick up some plants that grow well when potted. Buy matching pots in various sizes, pot the plants, and display them proudly in a couple of your deck’s more prominent corners.

You can also work non-plant elements into your on-deck landscaping design. For example, adding a water feature invokes a spa-like vibe in your very own backyard. The sounds of rushing water will add a tranquil element to your outdoor living space, and the piece will look gorgeous beside the burst of color spilling from the flowers in your container garden.

Landscaping around Smaller Decks

If your deck is small and you have lots of unused yard space, then landscaping your yard around your deck is vital for healthy aesthetic appeal. Weigh key factors such as typical weather patterns and climate in your area before you begin picking plants and shrubs for your deck landscaping. Consider other issues such as maintenance, type of soil, correct growing season, and access to sunlight when you’re deciding what plants to buy as well.

It’s a good idea to measure the area surrounding your deck and select shrubs that will fill the space without overcrowding. Remember, you can select a few key plants at first to keep your overall landscape lighting cost down. Then, when you observe how they perform in your yard, begin purchasing other smaller plants to fill in the blank spaces.


Lighting is another important landscaping factor to consider. There’s no point in having a great new deck without enough light to see anything at night. When you’re planting shrubs around your deck, leave enough space to install small, hidden, solar-powered lights that shine up onto your deck. You can always add another on-deck lighting, too – but the lighting in the landscaping is what will give your deck and surrounding plants real pizazz. You’ll achieve a glow that will create a killer atmosphere for summertime parties and lazy outdoor dinners at home.

You don’t have to get fancy when landscaping around a deck. If you use strategic and well-placed lawn ornaments, lighting, and shrubs, you can enjoy a pleasing area where everyone will want to hang out.