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How-to hang vibrant outdoor Christmas lights

‘Tis the season to illuminate your home with a brilliant display of shimmering lights. The following tips will help make it easier and faster to strategically hang your holiday lights so that you can get outside enjoy the radiance of your masterpiece. 

What are the varieties of Christmas lights available?

Before you can festively hang your holiday lights, you’ll need to decide which ones you want to use to highlight your holly jolly home. Here’s a quick glossary of need-to-know light terms:

  • Incandescent: These filament bulbs are the classic choice when it comes to Christmas lights. While they provide a warming glow, be mindful that they heat up quickly and should be kept away from anything flammable. 
  • LEDs: These long-lasting bulbs have double the lifespan of a regular incandescent and emit a dazzling shimmer of luminosity! The best part is that they stay cool to the touch regardless of how long they’re left on for. 
  • Wide-angle LEDs: The same as regular LED bulbs but with concave tips that can throw light in a particular direction. 
  • Transparent lights: These bulbs are usually colored with a visible filament. 
  • Ceramic bulbs: These bulbs have a painted-on appearance and are often considered to be the timeless holiday light classics with opaque finishing’s.
  • Globe lights: Globes are the same as LEDs but are circular.
  • Net lights: These mini lights are also made using LED technology, however, they’re smaller in size and possess a webbed circuit. 
  • RGB LED: These nifty LED bulbs offer the same benefits of regular LEDs but they display virtually any color the homeowner wants by the way of a programmable diode. 

Plan your layout

Before you start to aimlessly string your lights, we recommend that you create a lighting scheme. This means that you should measure the distances where you’re planning to hang the illumination to consider if your placement is appropriate and if you have enough length to create the picturesque shadows and warmth you’re hoping for. Also, remember to check all of your bulbs to see if any are dim or burnt out before proceeding to the hanging phase. 

How to place low voltage landscape lighting on a tree

While you can quickly cast a net of lights over your shrubbery if you’re the type of homeowner wanting a more traditional look, consider wrapping the tree with low voltage landscape lighting

Start by cloaking the trunk of the tree to determine your desired spacing between each wrap; about 3 inches is ideal. Then examine the circumference of trunk and conclude how many limbs you want to be covered, so once you finish the body, you can continue onto the branches. Keep in mind that you can always grab more strands of lights to wrap around any empty spaces. 

How to place low voltage landscape lighting on a house 

The easiest way to hang string lights on your home is to ensure that your male end of the strand is the closest one to the outlet, that way a simple extension cord is all it will need to have your lights twinkling their brightest. Hang this part of the strand along an eave on your home’s exterior and extend it around the outside surface of the structure, making sure to keep the string of lights taut so that there’s no saggy part hanging dramatically out of order. Then once you have an idea of how your strands will hang, use gutter clips to hold down the strands. This is a budget-friendly and eye-pleasing way to keep your decor intact. Then, continue using the following pattern for the other parts of your home that you’re decorating. 

Establishing a classic Christmas look involves decorating with strands of white, twinkling lights. To create this traditional scene, you can hang lights along the gutters or eaves, in windows, and within the greenery in the areas around your residence. The key to an illuminative design is to aim for an arrangement that’s symmetrical and the best approach to placing low voltage landscape lighting on your home is to find a color scheme that works for you. Don’t just lay little, white bulbs and expect it to look festive, but instead blend the tones to include various shades of blues, greens, reds, and golds. Whether you have your home looking like a holiday classic, a delightful monstrosity or prefer the minimalist approach, the key to exuberating your low voltage landscape lighting is to embrace festive elements and incorporate as many lights to highlight your cheery, holiday spirit!  

Who’s in charge of hanging the holiday lights in your family? Drop a comment below to compare.