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How to easily hang your holiday lights

Depending on the size of your home or business, hanging holiday lights can be a daunting task. Whether you want outside lights that will be adorned from a distance or a more modest display, minimal effort and zero frustrations are what you should strive for. This blog can be your guide to easily hanging holiday lights around windows, doors, decks, fencing areas, and trees. 

Before you tackle your project

There are a few quick tasks that you should complete before hanging your holiday lights. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  • Create a plan: Before hanging your first string, take a step back and look at your home or business storefront. This offers an opportunity to consider light-hanging locations. You’ll want to highlight the focal point of your home—an area where you want people’s eyes to settle. 
  • Do some measurements: To ensure that you don’t buy more outside lights than you need, it’s always best to measure your area. Also, consider extra footage if you plan to weave your lights along your porch railing. 
  • Evaluate your needs: Save time and frustration by considering the challenges that you may face. This could include safely fastening outside lights to your roof of reaching the top of the front yard tree. We recommend purchasing a light timer as well so that your display will turn on and off without you needing to be around. 
  • Get shopping: You can purchase holiday lights pretty much everywhere this time of year. That said, there are other outside lights you should consider ordering to complete your winter look. Fixtures for your walkways and steps are essential for nighttime safety and after January 1st, you can continue illuminating less festively. 

Tips for hanging holiday lights

Experts step aside, these tips and tricks are for those who aren’t as experienced with hanging holiday lights!

  • Start from the top: This is a surefire strategy to ensure your display looks amazing. Plus, there is little risk of dropping something and breaking anything underneath, damaging your completed work.
  • Utilize hanging techniques that are non-destructive: Any time you hammer a nail into the exterior of your home, you’re damaging it. Instead, opt to wrap the lights around the outside channel of your windows and doors, use a glue gun to affix them to a brick surface, attach them with magnetic clips, or install commend clips that can easily be removed post-holidays. 
  • Ground stakes work flawlessly: Not all lights attach to the home. In fact, many can be installed throughout your property or along the parameters of your garden. This is where ground stakes are handy for simple installation.
  • Don’t forget the floodlights: High-quality floodlights are a practical and popular decorating option. Not only do they illuminate the exterior of your home but they can always be used decoratively to uplight shrubs or other outside garden features. 

How’s that for holiday inspiration? Drop a comment below to let us know how you plan to light up your home or business this holiday season.