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How do you make the most of your small balcony space?

outside LED lights

Not everyone is cut out to own and maintain a large, lush landscape, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize the space that you have to create a relaxing and entertaining environment. Those who live in the heart of the city usually reside in comfy apartment buildings where each bit of square footage holds value. So, it’s time for you to learn how to stretch the capacity of your small, balcony area in order to expand the feeling of spaciousness. 

What do you hope to get from your space? 

The first thing you need to go before you start the reorganization process is to decide what you want the living space to be used for. Some people want their balcony space to be transformed into an outdoor oasis, while others simply want a cozy reading nook with enough outside LED lights and some satisfyingly, snug pillows. Also, consider what type of seating you would like to be featured. If you’re planning on using the outdoor space for small, group game nights then you’ll want a causal lounger to give yourself, and your guests, some additional seating. 

How is your balcony laid out?

Every balcony space is built differently, so, this may be another element for you to consider when you’re formulating a plan to capitalize on the space. Long, narrow balconies aren’t able to fit the comforts of both tables and chairs. So, before you rule out the fun and games, consider changing how you arrange your outdoor accessories in order to make the space? Opt out large, ceramic planters and replace them space-saving, railing planter boxes instead. You can also rehome any large lamps or light fixtures and replace them with some economical, outside LED lights with everything you need to mount them firmly to your wall, post or siding. 

Add some comforts and personality

Now that you’ve found a couple of ways to utilize the square footage of your balcony, it’s time to add some pleasurable amenities to jazz up the outdoor space. Let’s face it, the average apartment balcony is dreary, with concrete flooring and unappealing, metal railings. So, make it feel homey by sprinkling in some colors and comforts. Enticing outdoor rugs are a good way to add some spunk to the living space. You can even purchase a few smaller ones to layer atop one another to create some unique textures. Another visual interest that establishes a sense of comfortable ambiance is the added variety of outside LED lights. Whether you hang a lantern overhead, some string lights through the railing or simply place some tealights in your planters, the soft light will create an elegant, calming glow to make your space more attractive and engaging. 

Are there any other products that you’ve utilized in order to get the most out of your small, outdoor space? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.