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Here’s what you need to know about pond lighting

Pond Lighting in a Private Garden at Sunset, Autumn

As you may all know, landscape lighting is by far one of the most instant way to enhance your outdoor surroundings without having spending much on construction and no structural changes needed. Having a decent lighting system is enough to achieve a cozy vibe, perfect for occasions or night time chill after a long tiring day at work.

Whether you’re looking to illuminate a spot, or simply enjoy watching pond wildlife, garden pond lighting can be a great addition to your garden. Before choosing to install pond lighting, we’ve compiled a list of actionable garden pond lighting ideas for you.

Mounting your pond lights is a good idea

Pond lights are fairly lightweight and quite buoyant. To ensure your pond lights remain upright and in place, it’s a good idea to mount each one to a brick or piece of concrete. You can do this with a galvanized steel concrete screw and drill.  This way you’ll be able to ensure that they remain in tact and perfectly aligned to whatever outdoor look you’re going for.

Make sure you choose the right bulb

Another crucial thing to remember before using garden pond lights is making sure that you’ll be using a reliable pond light bulbs. Our pond lights come with a choice of low-voltage or LED bulb. Typically, a low-voltage bulb will last for a few months, while an LED bulb will last much longer. Although LED pond lights are slightly more expensive, they will be much brighter and give a more radiant glow to your pond.

The deeper the pond, the stronger the wattage

Rather than focusing on the size of your pond lights, what really matters is your outdoor light wattage and how deep your pond is. Unless you want a powerful green fishing light, a 20W bulb is enough. If you have a very deep pond, you will need a brighter light with a higher wattage to break through the surface of the water. Our low voltage pond light comes with a 20W bulb, while our LED pond light comes with a 12W bulb. Both have the option to add on a bulb with a higher wattage.

Location is crucial with pond lighting

Although there is no right or wrong way to place a pond light, you should play around with the positioning before mounting them. Stand back and admire the way the light shines off of your pond and move them around to get the perfect setup. It all boils down to how your outdoor landscape looks as a whole and understanding the theme you are going for. Proper placement could make or break your outdoor pond lights system so you should experiment first before mounting them permanently.

Our low voltage pond lights can be fully submerged underwater or left high and dry on land. These versatile lighting solutions are ideal for gardeners with ever-changing landscapes and unpredictable extreme weather. Shop now.

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