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Everything you need to know about our lighting kits

If you’re going to invest in outside LED lights, you might as well get a lighting kit so that you have anything that you need when you need it. With options to choose between six to ten fixtures, you can illuminate any sized outdoor space for a fixed price. What a great way to start a new project! Learn more about our lighting kits and what they have to offer you below.

Each kit contains everything you need for a single project 

Home and business owners that are reinventing their outdoor spaces may not know which elements are needed to properly illuminate their surroundings. While outside LED lights are the highlights of your lighting scheme, when you install large amounts or varieties there are some other accessories that are needed for the whole project to function well. Aside from the fixtures, items like LED bulbs, direct burial wires, a transformer, ground stakes, and some waterproof wire nuts are all practical pieces that work together to make a great lighting system. That is why we created the lighting kits category—it allows shoppers to buy everything they need for their next project in one order.  

Each kit contains high-quality light fixtures

While we guarantee that everything you buy on our website is high-quality, our outside LED lights are the real showstoppers. Since each lighting kit is equipped with one type of fixture or a variety that look great together, you can rest assured that your project is on point with long-lasting quality and functionality. 

Each kit can be used by beginners and professionals

Since our lighting kits contain everything you need to light up your outdoor spaces, everyone from beginners to professional contractors can benefit from their new purchase. Since each kit makes it easy to expand, update, or create a landscape lighting system, all types of experts can enjoy lighting up their outdoor spaces with added brilliance. 

Each kit contains items under warranty

When purchasing large purchases, it’s important to choose brands that stand behind their products, which is why we offer a great warranty on our products. Not only does the warranty protect against malfunctions, but it also protects our customers by fostering trust in our lighting systems. All of our products come with a 5-year warranty, except for our transformers, which come with a lifetime warranty.


Do you have any other questions about our lighting kits? Drop them in the comments section below or feel free to give us a call!