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Easy fall lighting upgrades for your business

Early autumn is the most appropriate time to upgrade the lighting on your building, especially if you live somewhere where the winters are long. With the holiday season just around the corner and colder, darker nights to follow, October is the perfect month to upgrade the exterior fixtures of your business to provide more safety and security paired with an ambient setting.   

Security light fixtures

While it’s important to have lights installed that will assist your customers in navigating around your building storefront, it’s equally as important to utilize illumination as a means of security at night. After all, the fall season brings longer nights and since it gets dark earlier that means criminals have more time to sulk around in the darkness. With the help of outdoor security lights, such as bullet lighting, you can highlight in all directions through the use of the mounted swivel bracket, which works as a great deterrent for those who don’t want to be hit with a spotlight. Aside from using outdoor security lights to bring light to the darker surrounding areas outside your business, we also recommend using a combination of basic LED fixtures to highlight pathways along with some step-deck lighting to illuminate the entrance as well. This will ensure that your business is well lit at night first and protected against crime second.

Examples of popular outdoor security lights include: 

Ambient light fixtures

Outdoor lights are also a wonderful tool to create a welcoming atmosphere for your business’ visitors. Ambient lighting is a huge part of your business! Regardless of whether you own a boutique clothing store, a restaurant, or a gift shop, lighting helps to establish a mood that encourages foot traffic. While higher energy costs can be a concern for business owners, efficient lighting allows you to provide more illumination without breaking the bank, which is especially important for the outside of your store. The best part is that many types of ambient lights can double as security lights! 

Examples of popular ambient lights include: 

There are many benefits to LED lighting, including: 

  • LED lights save you money
  • LED lights are energy efficient 
  • LED lights last longer
  • LED lights provide stronger illumination
  • LED lights offer a better work environment

Which lights are you most excited to install? Drop a comment below to compare.