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Do-It-Yourself Tips for a Beautiful Landscape

DIY landscapes are the pride and joy of hardworking homeowners. Because so much care goes into the landscape design, homeowners are intent on creating the perfect yard that delights their senses and impresses anyone who graces its presence.

Some DIY landscape designers are complete novices while others have a “green thumb” and are ready to go with bells on. Regardless of the experience, homeowners who use their own blood, sweat, and tears are dedicated to beautifying their landscapes and applying the effort required to fulfill their dream of a landscape design.

Here are some DIY tips to help you turn your landscaping dreams into a reality:

Seasonal Interest

Novice landscape designers easily forget about catering to the four seasons with their foliage. If you want to create a year-round masterpiece, use plants that will last in the cold months of the fall. The spring and summer will do well with flowering plants, while structural elements are perfect for the winter.

Don’t forget about Annuals

Perennial flowers are often the material of choice because they come in so many beautiful shapes, styles and sizes. Unfortunately, perennials only bloom for specified periods of times. If you don’t fill your garden with annuals that bloom all year round you will have empty spaces in your garden. Consider annuals to fill in the spaces when your perennials are not blooming.

More than Flowers

DIY landscapers are so enthusiastic about flowers and plants, they forget about the additional elements that pull a landscape together. Hardscape features provide the majority of the beauty of the winter landscape and offer a stunning backdrop for your spring and summer blooms. Consider fences, patios and decks along with arbors and other hardscape features that can connect your indoor environment with your outdoor space and frame your yard beautifully.


DIY landscapers are concerned with the maintenance of their yard. They do not want to hire a professional but sometimes the maintenance is more than they bargained for. Before you break out the hefty equipment, research low-maintenance flowers, plants and features that will still beautify your yard, but not require countless hours to maintain.

Water Features

Along with hardscapes, water features add intrigue and interest to every landscape. Water features serve as focal points and offer a “zen-like” aura, creating a relaxing vibe and overall calm feeling. Water features are not difficult to install. If you are a novice, start with a small fountain and work up to a waterfall when you feel confident. Consult a professional if you need the assistance.

Flower Planning

Prepare for the scorching summer sun by using drought-tolerant plants. The worse experience for a DIY landscaper is to plant beautiful flowers in the spring only to see them sun-scorched in the summer.

Also, take notice of the space where you plant the flowers. Each area will have its own soil and light requirements. Pay close attention to the external elements of your yard and which areas receive the most light. Choose your flowers accordingly.

Ready to take on your beautifying yard project? The completed landscape is a DIY landscaper’s dream come true. All the hard work and effort will be worth it every time you step outside into your backyard oasis.