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Choosing the right path: A guide to walkway lights

Walkway lights, also known as pathway lights or area lights, not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces but also provide an added touch of safety and functionality. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your walkway, driveway, or garden, choosing the right lighting is essential. If you plan to hire a professional landscaper or consult with a lighting expert, there’s no need to continue reading. You’ll already be equipped with everything you need to know about walkway lights. But for the do-it-yourselfers, there are still some key considerations to make before you can commit to the best decision.

What do you hope to achieve with walkway lights?

Before you get started shopping for path-area lighting, you need to first determine the purpose of your purchase. Are you interested in installing walkway lights to highlight paths and create a safer means of navigation? Is the main reason you’re buying these outdoor fixtures to brighten up your landscape aesthetically? Understanding your goals will help to guide your choices.

What are some popular types of walkway lights?

While there are several choices on the market, the most popular are:

Low-voltage path lights: These lights are connected to a transformer and provide a more reliable and brighter illumination. They’re also versatile and come in various styles.
LED path lights: Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lights are among the most up-and-coming products. They emit a clear, bright light and are available in various designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

Where do you want your walkway lights to go?

Placement is key when selecting and installing path-area lighting. Some common locations include walkways, driveways, and the borders of garden beds. Be sure to think about the path’s shape and length and strategically place lights where adequate illumination is needed.

Consider the style and aesthetics of your walkway lights

Pathway lights come in a wide variety of designers, from traditional mushroom-style to the modern, sleek pagoda shape. Choose lights that complement the architectural style of your home and its surrounding landscape. You should also consider materials such as brass or stainless steel for a more durable and stylish finish.

Are you ready to start picking out walkway lights? What style suits your outdoor spaces best.