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Choosing a Landscape Design that Matches your Personal Style

Creating a landscape lighting design can become quite overwhelming with so many styles, sizes, categories, and finishes of lights from which to choose. At the end of the day, your landscape design should not only provide important safety features but also make you feel welcomed and proud.

When designing your landscape, consider your home style and the design elements within it. Are you drawn to modern, sleek finishes? Rustic, outdoor features? Traditional, elegant design? By assessing your preferred indoor style, you can easily translate that to your outdoor landscape and match your home’s inner beauty with your outer design.

Most popular design styles to help you make your choice:

Victorian / Old World

This style is characterized by detailed scrolling and fancy features. You will notice a Victorian home by its ornamental decorations and columns along with wide porches evident of a Civil War era.

Rustic Charm

Rustic lighting will be more textured and rough in appearance characterizing its natural, organic style. Rustic homes are reminiscent of the lodge style with a hand-crafted look to them. If you enjoy nature and a more organic look to your garden as if it were an extension of an outdoor log cabin, rustic charm is the style for you.


Traditional style lighting is similar to Victorian but not as decorative. This style is more elegant than ornate. A traditional landscape design will not overtly jump out at you, but it will feel calming and inviting much like a cold iced tea on a hot summer day.


Modern lighting is sleek, smooth and sophisticated. The modern style is a perfect choice for homeowners who love the industrial feel of polished silver and the harsh lines of square shapes and designs. Finishes similar to these smooth step deck lights will round out your modern landscape design while providing a safe entrance for visitors. Modern landscapes always appear uncluttered and clean in appearance as well.


Asian-inspired style is reminiscent of oriental and Japanese design. If you prefer a zen-like landscape fitted with bonsai trees and Asian architectural elements like a flat roof and rectangular windows, you may be interested in an Asian-inspired landscape design.

The Tropics

If you dream of whisking away to a desert island in the tropics on a daily basis, a tropical landscape design may be just what the doctor ordered. The tropical style is more synonymous with a climate rather than a design style.

If you live in a warm climate, you can bring in the ambiance of your environment by using your lighting to highlight the palm trees and foliage synonymous with your area. Consider more whimsical lighting design and on outdoor furniture, add accessories of fruit bowls with pineapples, guava, and papaya to highlight the style even more.

Regardless of the style you choose, your landscape design should make you feel like you are at home. Bring your inside environment into your outdoor landscape and enjoy the seamless transition from the comforts of your home to the wonders of the outdoor world.

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