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Benefits of Low Voltage Bulbs

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A low voltage light is any bulb that is powered by 30-volts of electricity or less. An ideal solution for any landscape project, Low Voltage Lights offer a range of sustainable benefits that have direct returns on your monthly bills and ecological footprint. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial landscapes, where ever your garden is located, it can be brought to life with only a fraction of the cost and environmental consequence. Here’s a short list of the benefits you can expect from Best Pro Lighting low voltage lights:

  1. Energy Efficiency

A low voltage light can emit as much light as a traditional incandescent bulb while using a mere 20% of the energy.

  1. Cost Effective

Less energy means less cost. Save money on your monthly electricity bill by opting for low voltage bulbs. There’s nothing more enlightening than a dollar saved.

  1. Minimum Heat Contribution

Unlike halogen and incandescent bulbs, low voltage lights do not heat up or radiate warmth. They are cool to the touch and, thus, can’t harm nearby shrubbery; an ideal light source for heat-sensitive plants and animals.

  1. Longer Life Span

Low voltage lights, especially LED lights, last up to 50 times longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, so you’ll be saving money and time by not having to remove, purchase, and replace.

  1. Safe to install and power

Low voltage lights do not impose the risk of electrocution when exposed to rain or snow, and can be easily installed without having to turn off your main electricity source since they rely on low voltage transformers to do the job.

  1. Environment Friendly

Low voltage bulbs are the perfect eco-friendly alternative for landscapers who still want the beautiful glow of outdoor lighting. Help mother nature thrive in more than just your garden.


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