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Are your outdoor lights safe and reliable for winter conditions?

Although the holiday season means everyone is using more exterior lights, these seasonal fixtures aren’t great examples of safe and reliable lighting. Mini, colored string lights, icicle lights, and animated, color-changing lights are aesthetically pleasing this time of year, amid a snowy backdrop. However, while they illuminate your home or business with festive cheer, they lack the vibrance that’s needed to navigate safely. Plus, holiday lights are notorious for burning out. Before you start shopping to secure your walkways and steps with winter lights that will last this season and many more to come, take some time to analyze your lighting scheme to determine where you need added safety and reliability. 

The stairways and pathways should be illuminated

Not only does lighting stairways and pathways improve the safety of your outdoor areas but it also adds an inviting glow to your spaces. 

Aside from wrapping your porch railings with twinkle lights, consider installing permanent step-deck light fixtures. These lights enhance the landscape, amplify your decks and porches, and simply provide security for people who visit your home.

More often than not, pathway lights are referred to as safety lighting. This is because their primary function is to guide a person by highlighting the way. They are particularly needed for walking at night or when there’s uneven ground that can cause nasty falls. 

The best part is that both step-deck lights and path lights are geared to operate under extreme weather conditions. This means that regardless of the climate where you reside, these fixtures are resilient to rain, snow, and whatever else mother nature throws their way. 

Old fixtures should be replaced

Extreme weather conditions can test the limits of cracked conduit or worn-out wires, compromising the fixture’s reliability. During daylight hours, take some time to check your fixtures for burnt-out bulbs, cracked sockets, and frayed wires, and be sure to inspect the enclosures of each light to ensure that bulbs and connections are functioning well. 

If your light isn’t salvageable, shop our wide selection of popular garden LED fixtures.

What winter lights are a must for your outdoor lighting scheme? Drop a comment below to let our readers know.