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6 steps to installing deck and step lights

Adding deck and step lights to your outdoor space not only enhances its aesthetics but also improves safety and functionality, allowing you to enjoy your deck or patio well into the evening hours. Since spring is around the corner, your desire to be outside is about to change. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a staircase or highlight architectural features, installing deck and step lights is a relatively straightforward process that can elevate the ambiance of your outdoor living area. 

Step #1: Plan your lighting layout

Before diving into the installation process, take some time to plan out your lighting layout. Consider the type of lighting fixtures that would best suit your needs. Deck and step lights come in various styles, including recessed, surface-mounted, and post-mounted options, so choose fixtures that complement the design of your outdoor space. 

Our signature light comes in three colors—rust, black, and brass—with the perfect neutral coatings to blend eclectically in with your outdoor decor. 

Step #2: Gather your tools and materials

Once you have a plan in place, gather all the necessary tools and materials that will be needed for the installation process. This typically includes deck and step lights, low-voltage electrical wire, a transformer, wire connectors, a drill with a suitable drill bit, a screwdriver, and any other hard required for mounting the lights.

While none of our light kits currently include deck and step lights, when you purchase your fixture, the electrical wire and bulb are included. Be sure to shop for your other accessories and include a transformer in your order if your project requires lots of lighting!

Step #3: Install the transformer

Begin by installing the transformer, which converts standard household voltage to low-voltage power suitable for outdoor lighting. Mount the transformer to a sturdy surface near an outdoor power source and connect it to the power supply using waterproof electrical connectors. 

Step #4: Lay out the wiring

Next, lay out the low-voltage electrical wire along the intended path of your deck and step lights. Be sure to bury the wire at least 6” deep to protect it from damage and follow any local building codes or regulations regarding outdoor electrical installations.

Step #5: Mount the lights

Once the wiring is in place, it’s time to mount the deck and step lights. Use a drill to create holes for recessed or surface-mounted fixtures, ensuring they are securely anchored to the surface. For post-mounted lights, attach the fixtures to the appropriate mounting hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step #6: Connect the wiring

Finally, connect the wiring from each light fixture to the main electrical line using waterproof wire connectors. Be sure to also use waterproof wire nuts to ensure that moisture remains 100% locked out of your setup. Double-check that all connections are secure and weatherproof and then test your lights functionality before finishing up.

By following these steps, you can successfully install deck and step lights to illuminate your outdoor space effectively. Whether you’re the host of future backyard barbecues or simply love being outside, the added ambiance and safety provided by these fixtures will level up your outdoor experience.  

Did we miss a step? Let us know how we can help with your deck and step lights installation.