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3 ways to add outdoor lighting this spring

While winter temperatures may hang on a little tighter in the coming weeks, spring is officially here, meaning your garden and other outside areas await. As the ground starts to thaw, it’s time to think about planting seasonal flowers and shrubs and considering outdoor LED lights to brighten up your spaces. Yes, the sun will be staying out longer, but so will you, and outdoor LED lights provide style, atmosphere, and illumination! Here are three ways to add in some lighting this spring.

Start with some directional lights

Directional lights are a great starting point for any outdoor illumination project. Not only do these fixtures offer a classic, timeless look that fits in with all styles of outdoor spaces, but they also offer added vibrancy for structures, shrubbery, and other objects that home and business owners want to highlight on their properties. Whether you decide to install your directional lights in-ground facing up, on the siding of a wall, or in a tree facing down, this collection of outdoor LED lights boasts flexibility with a variety of styles, colors, and energy-saving LED options. 

Don’t forget to highlight your walkways

A great way to notch up your outdoor LED lights is through the installation of path lighting. These commercial quality fixtures are built for outdoor use and are intended to be used year-round, making them a great spring investment, with the extension of added lighting during all seasons. Built with waterproof sealed sockets and heavy-duty cords to withstand wet, cool weather, you’ll be prepared for those April showers. Plus, with flexible options, you can select either mushroom, pagoda, or small hat fixtures

Add some decorative options

Although step-deck light fixtures are very important for safety and security, these outdoor LED lights are also very decorative in their design. Circular in shape and varying in neutral color options, the step-deck light is fun and a bit artsy, adding a rustic touch to your stair and deck areas. Offering a warm glow that isn’t too in-your-face, these lights are simple, yet sophisticated, decorative, yet moody, and the best part is that they’re easy to install in the spring.

What other signature Best Pro Lighting fixtures should we can recommend for spring? Drop a comment below to let us know your favorite.