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3 types of fixtures that will help brighten your deck for spring into summer activities

Do you feel summer calling? It’s time to bring your backyard and deck space to life this spring with the help of outdoor LED lights. Since day-round enjoyment revolves around having enough light to relax and entertain, ‘tis the season for light installation to refresh your surrounding areas and enjoy them to the max. 

Directional light fixtures for better evening entertaining 

One of the most popular types of outdoor LED lights is within our directional light category. Since directional light fixtures provide a high level of illumination towards a targeted surrounding area, these fixtures can be used alone to spotlight a single object or as a complement to other ambient lights. Boost your patio, porch, or deck space with added vibrancy!

Top-selling directional light fixtures include: 

Step deck light fixtures for added safety

Another outdoor LED light crowd-pleaser is step deck light fixtures. The circular shape and eclectic style of these fixtures make them the perfect illumination source to downlight or uplight your deck or patio. Plus, they double for safety, lighting up uneven surfaces or the edges of hazardous areas. 

Top-selling step deck fixtures include: 

Path light fixtures to guide your guests

Practical, trendsetting, and attractive, path light fixtures are a great source of vibrancy when you need to highlight walkways or other featured spaces such as the parameters of garden beds, driveways, or fence lines. With a variety of stylized options, homeowners and business owners alike can highlight a range of areas using these brilliant outdoor LED lights.

Top path light fixtures include: 

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