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3 lighting ideas for your yard this summer

After spending much of the last year inside your home or enjoying your outdoor spaces solo, it’s finally time to welcome guests over once again. Since summertime is all about spending those warm nights outside, you may want to invest in a lighting design that will allow for safer navigation, accentuated garden features, and an overall stunning, smartly-lit backyard, front yard, and patio. Whether you’re looking for bold, dramatic, or intimate, we’ve got three lighting ideas for your yard this season. 

Install some low voltage path lights

Your walkways are the gateway to your backyard space and having a well-lit pathway will allow guests to easily maneuver around while also providing a delicate, aesthetic highlight to the area. While there are a variety of choices, those looking to create a magical lighting effect, while also edging the borders of paths and garden beds, we recommend utilizing mushroom lights, small hat lights, or the slightly more stylish pagoda lights. Alternative, well lights embedded underfoot beside your walkways will help to eliminate clutter and obstruction. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all design technique, you should peruse our low voltage path lights online to select the best option for your outdoor lighting needs. 

Improve navigation with some step-deck lights

While daylight provides the perfect illumination for navigating your outdoor surroundings when the sun sets it’s important to highlight these areas to prevent any accidental slip and falls. Since safety is an utmost priority for most homeowners, providing alluring, soft illumination that doesn’t overpower the ambiance is key when choosing the right type of step-deck lights. Although we only carry one design, you’re able to customize your purchase by selecting regular or LED as well as black, rust, or bronze finishing for your fixtures. The best part is that you can get yourself some summer step-deck lights for as low as $7.50 each today!

Feature your planters and shrubbery with LED garden lights

Depending on your garden design you may want a clever mix of outdoor light fixtures to help show off the beauty of your garden. With everything from adjustable directional lights to up light tall trees, well lights to sit below planters and bushes, and path lighting to edge the borders of your lawn and fencing, it’s important to install a variety of accent lights to create just the right amount of intrigue. 

Which luminescent idea speaks to you most? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.