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3 Ideas for Budget Landscaping

A budget landscape doesn’t necessarily equate to a less-than-average landscape. There are specific areas and methods where budget landscaping can work wonders for your wallet and leave your garden looking spruce and neat at the same time.

Idea 1: Budget Lawn

Consider a cheaper variety of grass. Starting a fresh lawn from seed is usually cheaper than having one transplanted on your property, so explore that option. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the lowest price for the type of grass that will grow abundantly on the soil type found on your property.

A budget lawn can also mean leaving in some percentage of weeds in order to achieve a multi-cultured plant system on the lawn. Weeds become excessive when more are visible than your actual lawn. If this is a concern for you, don’t spend too much money on removing weeds – that can take a heavy toll on your budget.

Idea 2: Budget Hardscaping

Rather than buying expensive lawn ornaments or costly water fountains, make your own rock garden or water feature. The experience will be great and you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars. Modern pumps are highly efficient and reasonably priced, so a DIY job should be able to save you even more money.

Hardscape features like patio pavers on a sand base are easier to install than those that require concrete. Sand is cheaper than concrete and the project itself doesn’t require a great amount of experience or expertise.

Even flower-bed borders and other border definitions are pretty much DIY kind of projects that can be done neatly with a little bit of time and effort. The money you save will be considerable, and your garden will look tidy after you’re done.

Idea 3: Budget Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture is great in more than one way: it can use up a lot of space you don’t want to leave bare, and it can be a very inexpensive shopping experience if you know where to go.

Home and garden care stores usually carry budget ranges of lawn furniture as well as expensive ones. Go to the right aisle and you’ll find an impressive choice of tables, chairs, umbrellas, area separators and everything else you need.

You can also cruise the curbs for some great free lawn furniture – just make sure it’s up for grabs and not part of their actual lawn! You can also check out the deliveries at recycling centers and strike a deal with the owner to pick up some lawn furniture that you can repair and repaint to look like new.

In conclusion, these great ideas for budget landscaping merely touch on the surface of what you can do to save money. There are lots of great ideas that will come to you once get your creative juices flowing. Budget landscape lighting, to give just one example, can be a cost-effective way to brighten up your garden at night. Low-cost, high-efficiency lighting is only a few mouse clicks away and can be installed very quickly and cheaply. Good lighting can make a huge difference in the way your space looks at night, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you plan properly and use a minimalist approach.

Good luck, and save all the money you can with these thrifty ideas for your personal paradise!