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3 garden ideas that boost the value of your home

Whether you’re looking for some small projects—painting the bathroom—or more in-depth home renovations—updating the kitchen—there are so many things that you can do to boost the value and curb appeal of your home. While the concept of design upgrades often translates to interior areas, your outdoor spaces could also use some loving. Especially after a long, cold winter season! Similar to choosing the perfect paint colors, a well-designed landscape brings a level of sophistication and balance that possesses the power to increase a home’s value. Consider the following low-maintenance suggestions when making impactful outdoor home upgrades. 

Install some outdoor LED lighting

While any type of light can illuminate a designated space based on placement, outdoor LED lighting can instantly add a heightened level of sophistication. Although installation can often be labor intensive, the durability and practicality of each fixture make it worth it. 

Shop a wide variety of styles right here at With everything from minimalistic and smaller in size, which can easily be placed out of sight while still serving a purpose, to more eccentric and boisterous to show off your garden’s features. All of our outdoor LED lighting is high-quality and long-lasting, accentuating your property’s surroundings enough when the sunlight can’t.

Create a welcoming front entryway

Your front entry is an extension of your interior living space and should therefore offer an inviting, intimate outdoor reprieve. 

There are many simple ways that you can create this type of setting, including:

  • Level a spot in your garden and address any drainage concerns
  • Add compacted pea gravel to the entire area to create a firm foundation
  • Leave out specified areas for plants—this can be done by digging some holes and adding some good soil
  • Install some outdoor LED lighting along the sides using ground stakes
  • Add an archway to stylize the area

Add some planters 

If your exterior has a limited amount of space, why not add some color and vibrancy by placing some plants featuring native foliage? Apart from bringing a natural flow to your garden, these flowering plants also give the local bees and other insects food in the form of nectar and pollen. Be sure to wait until the start of spring to start planting and arranging but shop for your stylized pots now!

Here are some tips for arrangement:

  • Align your pots on either side of an entryway
  • Add some planters to the corners of a deck area
  • Consider choosing some rectangular planters to create an aesthetic look that resembles a garden bed

What garden idea are you most interested in trying in the coming weeks? Drop a comment below if you have more suggestions.